Jarlaxle on bot roster

Just curious are we ever going to see him on the bot side?

@Ned can you try to get that information?

Since Ludia can just level him and give him whatever gear they want (and Joppa too for that matter) you’d think they should all be on the roster. They probably are just hesitant to do it until they send developers undercover into the guilds again to find out how to play those characters.


Hey Krom, let me ask our team. :smiley:

Wait… the players with Jarl are all human? I destroyed some severely lower level players assuming most people would not have him yet… in that case, I am very sorry to any and all outclassed people who were stuck in the arena with me. I did not know.

I can’t say for certain, but I don’t recall seeing Jarlaxle during my AI battles, though. :thinking:

I PvP a lot and I get bot very often like 80% of the time and I never had jarlaxle on bot team

Hey Krom, the team told me that Jarlaxle is on the roster. Perhaps we’ve been unlucky with the encounter, or maybe we are lucky. :sweat_smile: I hate the poison damage.

@ned I get mostly bot around level 19-20 maybe in their code he is there for lower team but he is definitely not available against the team I face which then could be a bug for higher league

I can attest he is not on the level 20 bots roster, I have not seen him once and have fought at least 1000 bot fights.