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Jarlaxle Silverhand Weapon Reveal

Rapier of Derobement
I’m gonna need some clarification regarding the two proc percentage values on the effect. 40% of the time, it works 25% of the time? What is this?

image image

It means the effect you gain is at 25% strength.
That is 25% block, a death ward that fired 25% of the time, a life drain for 25% of damage, or a 25% reflect damage.

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Makes sense, thanks for straightening me out.


Oh good lord. Solution to coriolis is more chaos?
Further reduction in tactical play.

I think you need to change the term you are using. Tactics are decisions based on a current state of a constantly changing playing field. Random effects increase tactical play, they don’t decrease it. Strategy is a long term plan to accomplish your goal, random effects definitely mess with strategy.


Yes, quite right.
Strategy is what is becoming impossible.
Tactics and strategy do however, interact.
Tactics are what you undertake with what your strategy has prepared
Tactics are also meaningless in the face of vastly asymmetric technology.

I think everyone is using the wrong term. I think you’re looking for “luck.” You will lose a lot if you’re just not lucky since this game is so heavily RNG-based.