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Jarlaxle ToM

Not gonna do it. I have better things to spend my time on.


@Ned, I am hoping you can provide some information about a current Jarlaxle event, specifically can you provide any info on the number victories required and the gem buy-in for each of the four tiers? Any information you can provide will be appreciated.

Some players have acknowledged they will not be participating due to the unknown duration and cost. Having the information available may enable players to estimate the time it will take per tier and the total cost in gems.


Yeah. I don’t think even that would make me play beyond the first tier. It just takes too much time.

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Hey Orloch, the event has a total of 80 total rounds/wins. The first stage is free, and the cost to unlock the next stages is as follow, 30, 40, and 50 gems. I hope that helps!


Note that you get Jaraxle at the end of round 3, with a legendary pack for him at the end of round 4.

For those of us who already have him hope round 3 also yields a legendary. For the future even better would be giving us a choice between rewards for Jarlaxle or Joppa But that seems very unlikely.


One might even consider it nice if one were told at the time of sale that said item could be won within the week.

@Ned is the last stage VIP only? I seem to remember that being the case in previous events

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That is correct, @JustPassingThru. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response!

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Yeah, it would have been nice to know the money was essentially wasted…

The last few posts convinced me to re-estimate the value in time and gems required to complete the event. When this is considered, the purchase price last week is favorable to the event cost. To ascertain an approximate duration for the event I participated in a small sample size of 20 bouts, with the following results and conclusions:

Throughout the 20 battles I fought players with as much as 804 trophies more than myself. The matches also included 3 bots, all being level 20, even after losses. I spent 84 minutes and 45 seconds, winning 9 battles while losing 11. (time includes match making, cut-scenes, etc.)


  1. Win Rate = 9 of 20 = 45%
    Estimated Battles Required to complete all 4 tiers = (80 / 0.45) = 178
  2. Time per match = (84 min, 45 seconds / 20) = 4.24 min.
    Approximate Time Required for Event = (178 * 4.24) = 754.72 min = 12.58 hours
    Considering the average minimum wage in the USA is $7.25 and a lower profession rate is $40.00, i will value time at a median rate of $27.25 / hour. Therefore, the cost in time = $342.80
  3. Gem Costs:
    *first tier free and first buy-in free for tiers 2, 3 & 4 (assumed). An average of 8 buy-ins required per tier.
    Tier 1: 000 (8 * 0)
    Tier 2: 210 (7 * 30)
    Tier 3: 280 (7 * 40)
    Tier 4: 350 (7 * 50)
    **Estimated gem cost would = 840 gems = 0.008 * 840 = $6.72

Thus, an average worker could consider the cost to complete this event to be approx. $349.52, which is much higher than the price offered last week.

However, i accept those that really enjoy these PvP style events may value the time expended completely different.


Nice analysis! That’s an expensive digital toy! I’ll play the event of its fun. But not if it’s aggrevating.

I play till i got jarlaxle, but after 6 hr while i was sleeping some thing when wrong. When i woke up and want to continue tier 4 for legendary the event reset and i need to restart at 1st tier. What the hell is that

Hello Megadrive and all,
For those who were affected by having your Jarlaxle’s Grand Entrance event reset, Can you please check your in-game mail. There is no need to contact support for this issue, all players whose progress was reset have been identified.
Thank You

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The solution to how much it costs is just to play on the company dime!

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LOL… ridiculous

I understand the duration does not impact players using the work around, but many players do not have 10+ hours to dedicate to such events. I believe this was the point of this thread. Perhaps there is someway I can convince you my comments are not quite so ridiculous.

Or perhaps you have already been convinced.

Competing for a legendary item vs competing for a new character, quite different. Both exhausting, unfortunately I can’t control the games direction.
The gem event softened the effort and securing Jarlaxle was a far greater reward for essentially the same effort.

So MANY variables to what you wrote and every player has a far different win/loss ratio, even mine differs depending on whose online when I am playing. AND you can’t compare a 3 tier event to a 4 tier.
Not to mention each countries game costs are vastly different.
Gems cost are time too which in your scenario would be far greater than $6.

PS: Jarlaxle was offered for $49 prior to the event, would have saved everyone $300🤪

Still unconvinced.

I agree that my post was based on my own experience and on a small sample size. This was noted in the post.

I agree all players will have a different experience.

I also agree as Challenge Rating fluctuates for players, some will find it easier and some will find it far more difficult. I maintain an easy CR by keeping my Highest trophy count below 4000. Moreover, the average win rate for Event Players is much less than 50% due to excessive number of battles won by players participating in Battle Mode. As such, my estimate demonstrated a lower than average cost in time and resources.

I agree it would take a while to collect this many gems. However, I used the purchase price for store in USD to establish this value. Time does not factor into this evaluation.

While my app is currently not using USD, I utilized USD as the basis for my analysis because it is the cheapest example. Due to unfavorable conversions, any other currency would have cost the player more.

Although my analysis did not compare 3 tier to 4 tier events, I certainly can compare them. A 4 tier event has 33.3 more tiers than a three tier event. This event also requires 60% more wins than the previous three tier event. Ergo, this four tier event takes significantly longer, costing more in time and resources.

Once again, I was not comparing this to other events, however, it can be noted Jaraxle is possibly the least useful hero, which is why many elite players have not bothered to collect him. While I am not in the elite grouping, I also do not have Jarlaxle.

As such, I stand by my analysis as a reasonable (not perfect) evaluation of the time and gem cost to complete this event