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Jasmin/Kayla's storyline

Okay. So I’m writing this mainly because I need to discuss the story for Jasmin or Kayla (I’m personally have matched with Jasmin).

So the reason I write this and want to discuss with someone is that I think the story is SO ridiculous and unrealistic. I am a fan of true crime and fictional crime so the theme of the story isn’t the problem. I’m gonna list the things I feel are very strange:

  • When everything with the murdering was going on no one called the police!? I understand if Jasmin is in chock or whatever and contact me on the app, but for “me” to just “okay I’m coming over there with a killer to help you” is very unrealistic. If someone you know is getting chased by a killer you call the police right???
  • So after the totally unrealistic move that you actually go to the murder cabin you go chase after the killer who had just skinned a bunch of people AND FREAKING KILL THEM INSTEAD?? What about knocking them out and tie them up for the police later or something.
  • After everything that happens there is NO mention of us being questioned by the police or something. If I found two people alive in a cabin with several dead and skinned people + another dead person I would at least in the beginning suspect the alive people of something…

Yeah that’s probably all I’ve got right now. Someone else who just think the whole thing is ridiculous? Thanks

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I noticed that too when I read the story for it, and as soon as the murders were brought into the storyline I started to mentally check out of it and use Jasmine/Kayla for a diamond mine. I think it could’ve had potential and a detective/model could have possibly worked if it wasn’t done in such a comical way to the point where the situations that should have been serious and taken seriously come off as a rushed joke. There are definitely way more plot holes and stretches of imagination to make it seem very unbelievable than the opposite. I guess at least I have yet another diamond mine with her though it would’ve been nice if I could’ve been able to feel more interested and invested in the story if it were executed differently.

I don’t think you’re wrong necessarily, but I had quite an opposite reaction. Before the murders even started, I got a sense that this is where it was going. It felt like it was deliberately leaning into slasher movie tropes for me, and I kind of enjoyed that. I didn’t find it any sillier than, say, Austin’s storyline (which I also really like, but still…). I love horror and I love stories that intentionally play with tropes, so this was actually one of the storylines I engaged with most. I guess I didn’t think they were going for realism, so I wasn’t bothered when things got campy.

Oh yeah, I could tell it was going in that direction from the setting we were given, but I guess I had sort of hoped it would feel less… Campy? I’m not sure if that’s the word I’m thinking of here, but it’ll have to suffice. Nonetheless, since I stopped taking the plot “seriously” (in that it was meant to be more slice of life) it was fine, just not really what I care a whole lot for? I guess because it felt more like a cheesy slasher flick than a more engaging horror plot? I wasn’t hoping for something more realistic and believable, and don’t get me wrong I enjoy horror, but this isn’t an app targeting a more mature audience in the sense that the writers will get too dark, serious, or grizzly, so I also have to remind myself of that while reading her plot. That when they do go the horror route, it will most likely be more comical and campy than darker and eerie. I suppose for me, while I can be fine with some campy, it was just a little too much of that for me. I think it was Jasmine’s/Kayla’s whole decision to be a detective model that made it go downhill for me, but up to that point it was fairly okay.

Of course, for a lot of plots that veer away from slice of life, and even some that more or less stick to it, they aren’t necessarily believable or realistic either – I don’t and wouldn’t expect that for all of them. e.g. Austin, as you mentioned, Jamie, to name another, and so on. Even with Antoine, he most likely wouldn’t be on his phone texting unless he was at a rest stop or pulled over for a bit.

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It would be really cool if there were a layered and innovative horror plot in this game, but I agree: as much as I enjoy Lovelink, I don’t get the sense we’re going to find that kind of story here. I think there could have been potential in the Jasmin/Kayla storyline. Estefania stealing skin… there’s probably a subplot there that could comment on beauty and aging, especially when in the public eye. But ultimately the story circles back to MC flirting, as is generally the case in most of the plot lines. :sweat_smile: Which… ultimately makes sense for a game with this format, but there are times I’m like, “Wait! Hold up on the chili pepper emojis for a second, MC! I want to hear more about what’s going on with this story.”

I think Rafael’s story is my favorite—especially in terms of Lovelink “horror”—because it develops the eerie elements better than Jasmin’s.

I agree! There are for sure plenty of times when MC is flirting and I just want to know more about the story, but I get it. This game is here for the romance and less of the adventure, naturally, given the style and format it’s all in.

I also agree as well with the build up being better with Raphael’s story. Probably what turned me off a bit from the Jasmine/Kayla story was how abrupt each thing happened – very stop and go at some points – whereas with the Raphael storyline it was set up more gradually. Though in the defences of the Kayla/Jasmine storyline, given the genre and presentation it was meant to have the gradual build up could’ve taken longer than the writer(s) may have wanted without starting to worry about the interest level of the player staying consistent and not declining because it wasn’t jumping into the slasher action fast enough. It seems her story is meant to be more fast-paced than Raphael’s. But I still stand by the fact that sometimes it felt too abrupt.

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I too like horror and slasher, but I do like the ones with good plots and not only the gore for the sake of it, eg the Saw franchise. But I may have had too high expectations for the story to be like a good crime book (I AM from Sweden so I’ve been reading nordic noir since I’ve been like 12). I have to take the game as what is it, which is a GAME.

But I’m glad to hear that Raphael’s story is horror themed! I have matched and unmatched with him several times because I don’t feel connected to him at all, but I will totally play for the horror ahead :smiley:

I’m not that invested with him at all as a character, to be honest (but I’m pretty picky with the guys anyway as far as actually caring about them), but his storyline is pretty good regardless with the eeriness.

Same! His storyline is my favorite, but I’m not connected to his character either. I don’t DISlike him, and he has a great character design. His personality just doesn’t stand out the way some of the others do.

I don’t know if his storyline is my favorite of them all yet, but it’s definitely up there! I don’t dislike Raphael either, but he doesn’t really interest me at the same time. But I do like that the focus has been a little more on the story side than getting right into the romance too much (the moments aside when he and MC flirt and get distracted from what else is going on). I hope we get to know a little more about him though too in the future.


That’s one of the things I like about his story as well. There aren’t a lot of slow burn romances on Lovelink, but Rafael’s is one of them.

I agree. I completely understand people really liking the whirlwind romances and the excitement of the buildup, but I always appreciate a good slow burn as well. I hope there will be more of them in the future too.

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It’s silly, but tongue in cheek silly so there was enough suspension of disbelief for me not to over think it.

It’s not as bad as the Aesha storyline where she’s obsessed with video games and only wants to meet you online, then when you have a chance to have an actual relationship with her you’re like “oh no you should definitely go back to being this weird pathological game obsessed narcissist!”

Or the story with the girl who dumps you for someone else on both dates and, some how, you’re still speaking to her after that.

Or the AI help desk who thinks you’re it’s “100% perfect match”.

And then there’s the guy in death row…


Oh… and of course, there’s the werewolf who tries to eat you on your third date :laughing:.

Okay. Austin and Sage are my favorites. They have some flaws in their storylines, but overall great I think.
Angel/Emmalyn I believe are the most likable and nicest girls on the app. I also like Eve (who I think you mean when you say “dump for someone else”), even though she’s a bit slippery at the beginning. But I feel that she’s very human and realistically portrayed.

Ana/Melina/Ruby remind me a lot of the movie HER, if you’ve ever seen it. I think it’s an interesting concept so I’m down to see where it goes. I admit the story was not at all what I expected though, and the AI plot gave me whiplash at first. But I’m intrigued. I’m not expecting any deep sort of message behind it though since this is a more lighthearted dating sim game before anything else.

Aesha reminds me of the very popular Twitch streamers with some things kicked up a notch, but not that far fetched from what they can be like, and especially for a stereotypical, wildly popular female streamer. Her obsession with games is needed somewhat as she makes a living off of it, so while it may be unhealthy to spend that amount of time sitting and playing games it’s also very real. She doesn’t interest me that much – I’d prefer a more chilled out streamer – but her obsession with gaming, while may be a little bit of a stretch for a number of gamers who make a living streaming and posting videos and not a stretch for others, is still a little too much for me. I liked when MC was trying to get her to remember the things she liked before she was popular and steamed for a living. Not to knock on people who do that, I don’t have a problem with it and I watch a couple gaming YouTubers and Twitch streamers, but she is a bit much.

Austin/Damien storyline with them in prison was okay. I see the intrigue to it and he was more interesting to me than some of the other guys, but not a favorite either. That one seemed to be trying to be too serious but also too lighthearted and fun at he same time so it was a bit odd? But interesting enough as far as using him as a diamond mine and to pass the time when I waited for other matches. Though he’s offline for a while now anyway too.

I’m not into Eve/Alice much, but I understand their flakiness with what you learn about them. They feel a little more real as characters, which isn’t to say everyone must give me that impression to like them as it’s not the case.

I like Vitoria’s storyline, I confess, and I want to see what will happen with her. But definitely not believable of course.

Sage/Vitoria’s storyline isn’t very believable as you write, but I like it and nothing is really bothering me with the storyline there. At first I thought it was a but strange with the rituals etc, but I think that’s because it was the first story I read with a sci-fi angle. I think I like her so much because she’s nerdy and doesn’t have “working out and adventure” as hobbies like EVERY guy seems to have… She’s a bit more chill. And now that I think about it, it’s probably why I like Austin also.

Austin is one of my favorites as well! But I do think his story gets pretty silly. MC shows up to a police station with strands of hair claiming it’s Bennie’s, and they arrest him? Bennie is terrible, but that evidence holds no water. :sweat_smile:

Really most of the stories require some suspension of disbelief, so I think that’s why I tend to have lowered the bar for how much ridiculousness is too much ridiculousness. MC continuing to pursue Eve after she left the country practically mid-date is so far the most nonsensical plot point I think I’ve found personally.

Yeah that was real strange… However I could see past that because the other parts of the story seems pretty realistic.

Yeah! I like that about her too, it wasn’t a “I like the outdoors and adventure” they had more down-to-earth personalities or at least not chasing thrills.

But not expecting anything is the best way to go with these stories than to expect believable events and such. And allowing for the outlandish and absurd and illogical to happen – rolling with the punches – helps with being able to enjoy it more too, I think.

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