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Jasmin/Kayla's storyline

I think Grace/Clementine wasn’t dating the professor when she starts talking to MC, but she had been until somewhat recently and was in denial that he was arranging frequent meetings just to see and talk to her more so than for her actual thesis beyond her wanting to like the idea of the subject he picked for her with the possible hope that she would go back to him. It seemed kind of up in the air where she had ended things, but not in a clear way? Or the professor simply refused to accept the outright rejection in the end. But I remember her saying she needed to make it more clear that she didn’t want to be with him…?

I don’t compare myself to MC or try to pick a reaction that’s closest to how I might respond in the situations presented with the characters. But by believability I meant more by what was realistic. Though, again, it’s a game and it’s about the sometimes crazy adventures as MC and the character navigate a budding relationship.

I like Angel/Emmalyn a lot despite it being more sweet than a wild adventure though I did pick liking a hamburger on a date at the vegan place to see how she would respond. I also like the supernatural element with the curse in Vitoria/Sage’s story though much less keen on hooking up with her while in here werewolf form. No thanks, hard pass.

I don’t think anyone’s story has me hooked completely, but I definitely have those I favor well above others.

I had the exact same feelings. I like Sage, and I was enjoying her story. But the werewolf hookup just wasn’t for me. It didn’t put me off as much as the Stefan interactions, but I still didn’t care for it. However, in Stefan’s story, I get it—that’s his whole thing, and I could just not read it (but I want diamonds). But with Sage, I kind of wish there was a choice to opt out of the kinky sex scenes where she almost eats MC. I don’t think they’re essential to her story, so it seems a fair thing to hope for. Though that’s less a problem of plot silliness and more just that the steamier aspects of those stories are simply not for me. I guess I’m not into a LI who is highly physically dominant/holds my MC’s life in their hands. :woman_shrugging:t2:

For me it’s the bordering… other things. Like how you can hook up with Tiros or whatever his name is (the centaur). Not in Lovelink, but when Lovelink was still part of WYS as his story on here hasn’t yet been released. Though I also agree that when it’s reached the point where MC is not having it and the other character could actually crush them like that, I’m not really here for that either.

I’m not so desperate for diamonds that I matched with Stefan/Oliver as I use 99% of matches as diamond mines and only have a couple I spend diamonds on whenever the premium option comes up. I also typically skip the photos except two and a third when Felicia is released, so I’m not scrambling for them again, yet. I don’t care for the dynamic MC has with Stefan/Oliver – been there, read that too often and it’s never interested me, but I can see the appeal.

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So I agree COMPLETELY with EVERYTHING you said. I believe that Jasmin/Kayla are working with the psycho killer. There’s just too many weird things that go on. It can’t be a coincidence. I’ll have to wait and see I guess. She’s greyed out for now.


Tiros is an excellent example of another… strange encounter. There is so much about the mechanics of that which I’m glad I don’t know, but the little bit we get is absurd to say the least.

Is his story unlocked now

Not on the Lovelink app. He’s only on the Lovelink section of the What’s Your Story app right now.

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Just came out today! People are matching him in the Lovelink app today!

I guess “centaur love” has finally arrived! :joy:

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I might match with him for the diamonds, but I sure hope I can avoid that. Or I’ll tap really fast through it.

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I have no idea what centaur love is exactly, but it sounds painful. It’s a pass from me.


Ohh ok gotcha I actually can’t find that app it’s weird

Apparently he’s in the regular app as of today!

Yes, it might be better that we learn as little about it as possible. :sweat_smile:

If it’s anything like WYS, tapping fast will be the way to go. But WYS doesn’t charge gems for Lovelink choices, so I’m actually hoping this scene might be a premium choice in the LL app, in which case we could avoid it. When I read it, unfortunately you couldn’t opt out of the “centaur love.”

Yeah the hookups seem to be premium choices, so I’m hoping that one is among those and instead I can have MC leave.

Emmalyn came back online today. This pleases me, now I have one match to chat with.

Although I wanted to throw the phone at her when she starting waffling about her star chart. Astrology is such hippie BS!

She’s still the hottest match on here though :heart_eyes:.

I’m getting tired of her plotline a bit and they’re about to do some foolishness, but I was glad to see Angel/Emmalyn back. Tiros also returned though I don’t care about him.

I don’t know who Tiros is. I don’t think I’ve even seen his profile.

Trios Darkmane is the centaur guy. He’s okay, I don’t personally care about him, but I see the appeal with his plot. He’s a prince from a different world and ended up on Earth via powerful magic.

I get that. I’d rather get devoured though by a werewolf too and die than deal with “centaur love”, even if Tiros was the one with the werewolf story and Vitoria was the centaur. Yikes. Hard pass.

This message got removed so I’m reprinting it here.

Grace Kim is the one who keeps dumping you on the dates. The first one, she has to run off to a family emergency which turns out to be another date and then the second one she has to go and be with the creepy professor she’s having a secret affair with. I mean, jog on love! If that was real life, I’d never have spoken to her again after the first one, but especially after she revealed that she had been lying about the professor.

Alice annoyed me when she ran off to Japan, but the story made sense in the end. I still knew that she would do it again once I got to Japan though, so it wasn’t a surprise. But again, if that was real life, I’d have dumped her after she ran off and left me stranded in Tenerife.

The death row story is, at least, interesting. But there would be no way I’d be getting into anything with someone who had a murder charge hanging over them in RL.

I know they’re all exaggerated and silly, and that’s all part of the fun, it’s just funny comparing the implausible plots with how you would react in reality.

Emmalyne is my favourite. Not the most interesting storyline but she feels normal and definitely someone I could fall for in RL. Even if my love of chicken might be a stumbling block for her :smile:.