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Jasmin/Kayla's storyline

This message got removed so I’m reprinting it here.

Grace Kim is the one who keeps dumping you on the dates. The first one, she has to run off to a family emergency which turns out to be another date and then the second one she has to go and be with the creepy professor she’s having a secret affair with. I mean, jog on love! If that was real life, I’d never have spoken to her again after the first one, but especially after she revealed that she had been lying about the professor.

Alice annoyed me when she ran off to Japan, but the story made sense in the end. I still knew that she would do it again once I got to Japan though, so it wasn’t a surprise. But again, if that was real life, I’d have dumped her after she ran off and left me stranded in Tenerife.

The death row story is, at least, interesting. But there would be no way I’d be getting into anything with someone who had a murder charge hanging over them in RL.

I know they’re all exaggerated and silly, and that’s all part of the fun, it’s just funny comparing the implausible plots with how you would react in reality.

Emmalyne is my favourite. Not the most interesting storyline but she feels normal and definitely someone I could fall for in RL. Even if my love of chicken might be a stumbling block for her :smile:.