Jasmin Medina not showing up in matches

Is it just me or Jasmin seems to never show up as a match, even though she’s matchable? Aside from first time matching once you started a new account, I can’t seem to get Jasmin as a choice at all, while her counterpart Kayla Summers showed up much more often.

Seriously, Lovelink needs to implement the ability to choose the preferred match gender IMO. I understand that the fanbase’s main preference is the male characters but it means the female characters got outnumbered so much, they barely show up at all in new matches, and I don’t know how it works, but some girls have a far less chance to show up than others.

I matched with Kayla but would have preferred Jasmin tbh. She’s definitely hotter.

I have seen her a few times in the match pool but not as often as the soldiers or that cop you can’t even match with yet.

I even got a “crush” match from one of the soldiers, but ignored him.

I think it’s just that some characters appear more than others, like Clementine seems to show up a lot.

Personally, I’d like it if counterparts stopped showing up entirely. I matched with Grace so Clementine is a wasted swipe (I think I’ve got those two counterparts right).

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Yeah, I think some matches do show up more often than others. I can’t remember the number of times the guy with the lion or the prison dudes showed up, which is still understandable since there are more male matches than female matches. That I don’t have a problem with.

What seems to be the problem that the game is unwilling to fix is putting unmatchable characters there just to fill the pool even though we can’t match with them yet. I’ve really wanted to match with Fei Wu and Nina Hawk but I can’t because they’re not ready yet, then why do they have them at all right now? It’s a waste of time we waited for matches to refresh yet. The same goes to all counterpart matches showing up after we already matched with one of them as well.

Fei Wu and Felicia Fatal are the ones I’m waiting for.

Plus the Jame’s Bond baddie, Dr Evil (or whatever he’s called). Not that I’m interested in him romantically but it could be an interesting story if he’s a sociopathic megalomaniac or something :laughing:.

But yeah those profiles have been around for months now. I understand them revealing the characters, but let’s maybe see them once or twice over a week or two before they go live, not for half the flippin year!

Anyway. Happy xmas. I’m spending it on my own because lockdown :poop:.


I admittedly only pick girl characters in the game lol, but the military guys look interesting so I might check them out later. As for the currently available girl matches, my favorite storylines are the ‘customer support’ girls (Ana, Milena, Ruby), the animal shelter volunteers (Angel and Emmalyn), the literature college student stoyline (Clementine and Grace), and the Baba Yaga artists (Sage and Vitoria).

I liked the adventurous barmaid storyline (Alice and Eve) if only because it has lots of beautiful pictures compared to others, but the storyline itself is…I dunno. It always rubbed me in the wrong way how you’re just going along with them time and time again while they just do everything they liked.

The gamer girl storyline (Aesha and Samantha) starts slow but it gets interesting later on, and then it just stopped xD. And the model storyline (Jasmin and Kayla) is really less about the models themselves and more about people around them, including the pictures lol. As for the new camgirl (Eveline and Jade) and nurse (Dahlia and Rose) storylines, it’s still too early to tell, but I liked their attitudes and their flirting game. :wink:

Merry Christmas to you, too!

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I had Milena… god that seems so long ago now I can barely remember her,

I also matched with Aesha, who’s super hot but a massive narcissist. I kinda zoned out after our first date, which was in a flippin video game!

Emmalyn is my boo. Even though she’s into astrology and energy crystals, and even though she told me she loved me and then woke up the next morning and buggered off to South America… she’s just sooo hot!

Grace is my second favourite. I wasn’t into her at first but her character went through a proper arc which was fun to be a part of.

I think of all the girls, the most interesting story was definitely Vittoria’s. I was a little traumatised that she tried to eat me, but she’s super hot… even with ears and a tail!

I just saw Skye again. That’s another character that’s been floating around for months. I had forgotten about her. What I wouldn’t give to be wrapped up in those arms this Xmas :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

I’ve said this before but what I really want is a female match who’s super cool, like a real baddass. A Lara Croft or even a Cara Dune type character, rather than a nurse or a student or an influencer (yawn).

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Milena is my first match, actually. :slight_smile: And I really liked how her story is going. It’s definitely one of the more unique and interesting storylines and the cliffhanger ending for the story so far is pretty heartrending T-T.

Aesha/Samantha is annoying at first, but once she loses her status and have to start over from the beginning with our help promises some actual character development that I really want to see. She’s kinda like Clementine/Grace in a way, what with their storylines having them tackle with a major issue before trying to start over from zero. It’s just that the latter pulled it off more gracefully IMO.

Emmalyn is love. Emmalyn is life xD.

Sage/Vitoria is also another interesting storyline that I wanted to see more of! That cliffhanger is really painful… >< I hope that we can find a way to help her soon!

And yeah, Skye is pretty cool based from her profile pic! Would love to see what her story will be about. :slight_smile:

As for characters I wanted to see, I’d love to see a female counterpart to the police officer or the soldier. I always have a thing for people in uniforms xD. A Lara Croft/Superheroine type characters are also welcomed as well! And at the top of the list is a character who’s a marine biologist or oceanologist lol. Maybe even a mermaid xD. Always loved things related to the sea or oceans :wink:

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A marine biologist who’s on a boat hunting a killer shark?

Hehe, maybe I watch too many horror films :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


Heh heh, wouldn’t that be something? xD A mermaid love story could also be cool as well! Imagine flirting with a mermaid as she live-steamed from under the sea (probably with her pet Megalodon O_O) That would be interesting :slight_smile:

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I would there to be a time travelling super cop from the future who’s travelled back to our time to hunt an escaped criminal master mind who’s planning on murdering the cop’s grandparents so that she can’t arrest him in the first place because she would never have been born.

She would be a real baddass, dressed in a skin tight jumpsuit, wielding a pair a of guns and is an expert in krav maga… god I’m getting hot under the collar just thinking about it :laughing:.

That’s the kinda story I want though, more than just another influencer like most of the girls currently.

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A Black Widow-esque time cop would be pretty awesome, indeed! :smiley: You’re right that we really need more unique characters on the girls’ side: the only really interesting ones are the AI girls and the werewolf girls lol. The others are just…eh, too ordinary for us xD.

I do like my Sci-Fi.

But the mermaid story would work, lots of scope for world building there.

She could be a princess from Atlantis and needs you to help her to stop a large corporation from poisoning the sea and killing all the coral.

Or she needs you to help her save the whales.

Then you don’t just get a romance you get an exciting adventure with a relevant message too.


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I was thinking along the same line with the mermaid story! Except it would be about sharks instead of whales xD. Like, she’ll try to convince you that sharks are mostly misunderstood and that they’re being hunted by fishermen and often portrayed negatively by the media, and she needs your help saving this one shark friend of hers who’s injured by a harpoon, something like that. :slight_smile: But the whales work as well!

And yep, sci-fi themed stories are my favorites, too xD. Time travel, space exploration, artificial computer-generated worlds, etc. All that jazz. That’s why the AI girl storyline is among my most favorites in Lovelink. :slight_smile:

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It may not be everyone’s idea of a match ( I’m just a big fan of all things sci-fi ) but, maybe an extra terrestrial storyline…, Inter galactic scientists intercept Lovelink transmissions … become fascinated by the concept of the human emotion love and wish to learn more… I’m sure the idea would work with both Male & Female characters.


That would be interesting as well! I’ve just been replaying Mass Effect and I love romancing other species xD. I’d love to see a match who’s a humanoid lifeform from another world trying to adjust to life on earth and you have to guide them through it. It’d be pretty interesting :slight_smile:


Well it’s no more ludicrous than dating an A.I or a centaur! :grin:

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Ever seen the film Starman? Jeff Bridges plays an alien who falls in love with an earth lady.

It’s proper old but my dad made me watch it with him once and it’s actually pretty good.

Most of the old films my dad made me watch were pretty good actually. He’s the reason I’m a sci-fi and horror fan now. Not sure if that counts as good parenting or not :laughing:.

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I haven’t seen it yet. I do have listened to David Bowie’s Starman, though. Not exactly the same, but yeah xD.

The premise sounds pretty similar to Peter Quill’s backstory in Guardians of the Galaxy movies, though. An extraterrestrial being falls in love with a human girl which results in a young boy with extraordinary powers (who then gets kidnapped and raised by a space pirate xD).

I’m not much into horror (except if it has some doses of black comedy xD) but I’m into sci-fi. :slight_smile: Especially ones about grand space adventures or galactic wars xD. And cyberpunk genre is also a favorite as well!

Omg yes I remember that film Starman haha… there was also another with Keanu Reeves, it was a remake of a real old film and my dad made me sit through both versions lol so yeah probably not some peoples idea of great parenting but I turned out ok ( mostly ) :crazy_face::laughing:

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Star Wars is life for me.

When I came out to my parents my dad was super supportive. But he would definitely have disowned me if I wasn’t a fan of the OG Star Wars trilogy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We even had a Mandalorian watch party for chapter 16, over Zoom because I can’t visit my parents right now (thanks to COVID). My dad actually cried when the green sabre came out. Which obviously made me cry too.

I love comics so when Marvell introduced Dr Aphra in the Darth Vader series I obviously fell in love with that character. She a super smart, morally ambiguous space adventurer with a self-destructive streak, who also happens to be gay. She’s like my space alter-ego.

What sci-fi films or fiction do you like?

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