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Je recherche un clan ! I'm looking for a clan!

Je recherche un clan ! Bonjour tout le monde, ça ne fait pas longtemps que je suis sur Titans Uprising mais je vous laisse voir regarder mon équipe, je cherche un clan actif pour m’amuser. J’arrive la plupart du temps à jouer une fois par jour, ainsi que pour les Alphas. Qui m’invite dans son clan ? Au plaisir de vous découvrir ! Et à bientôt !

Hello everyone, it’s not long since I’m on Titans Uprising but I let you see my team look, I’m looking for an active clan to have fun. ! Most of the time I get to play once a day, as well as for the Alphas. Who invites me into his clan? Looking forward to discover you! And see you !


If you can get on twice to use all 6 alpha energy light akatsuki would be interested in you joining

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Yes if you can use atleast 6 energy daily we have a really fun community for you to join :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Je parle français un peu aussi :sparkling_heart: j’essaye haha

Translated from French

I speak french a little too :sparkling_heart: I try haha

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

@Ma_pi Bearded Dragons clan would love to have you! We’re a small, active clan focused on having fun :slight_smile:

Quel est le nom de votre clan ? What’s the name of your clan?
It’s not a problem for me to speak English, I speak a little.

We have 4 clans each with different damage ranges to fit your teams and play style

Thanks for your message! French or English only?

For me it’s LionHeart Rise I think so

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English but I took 7 years of French in school

Thanks for your answers, I think it possible, maybe I rejoin your clan maybe

I’ll message you privately with discord invite

It’s Okey for me, my discord is Mapi #0071

Sent you the invite in your messages. I’ll welcome you when I see you hop on

I don’t receive your invitation in Discord, I’m sorry…

It’s not in discord. Look in your private messages inbox on this forum

What’s your Discord? I add you so