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Jedi Council is no longer active

N/A The alliance is no longer active, and I can’t figure out how to delete the post.


First of all, good luck with your recruitment!

Secondly, just wanted to mention that it can be really hard for new alliances to get members - these days there are many more alliances recruiting than members looking for alliances, and it can be hard to get good weekly alliance incubators with 3 members.

I do sincerely wish you all the best, and would also like to mention that my alliance is also open for all 3 of you to join if you would like to merge. We have a Discord server and 48 members currently (we are able to remove 1 inactive member to fit all 3 members should you all wish to join us).

With that said, definitely not forcing this on you. It’s just an offer because I know how difficult it can be to recruit. Best of luck!

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Well for our alliance, we have a number of members who cannot qualify for tournaments yet, so we definitely will not kick you for that reason. ^^

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