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Jeep Rental & Restricted Dino Battles

I have a couple good ideas for this game.

  1. Would be like a Jurassic Jeep rental. Kind of like a scent where it lasts for only so long but it allows you to move about the area at a slow speed. Kind of like the spoofers do but just locally as it would only last so long and only go so fast. Limited like a scent but allow you to be mobile when you can’t move around (i.e. bad weather).
  2. Either a tournament or maybe strike events that restrict use of certain dinos. Something like no use of Uniques or some type of required type such as Pterosaurs only etc. Right now there is really no incentive to level up anything but tyrant/apex dinos because it’s a waste of coins.

Just my 2 ideas (cents)


Welp that Jeep idea would make it much harder to track spoofers. Although it’s a cool idea, the game would become infested with cheaters.

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No, it would even the playing field. I’ve thought about suggesting a roaming feature in the game. Since spoofing is apparently too hard to distinguish from normal gameplay, allowing everyone to “hover” around a small area, like 1 square mile, could go a long way to even the playing field.

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At some point in the near future a company is going to build an ar game that will build a feature like the jeep into their base gameplay… the spoofers in all the ar games have proven that their is a huge market for this kind of stuff and building it into your core game would mean. Less recources have to be spent on tracking and punishing spoofers.

This is still a relatively new gaming genre and somebody is going to figure out how to capture this currently uncatered to part of the market. As much as Id love walking around to catch dinos… taking a trip to another city… with a time or catch limit certainly would be intresting.


Back when I was playing PoGo before JWA came out I did wonder why having a mechanic like this would be bad. The idea of AR games is to get people out and walking, looking for things, but really do we need to include the walking aspect? Why not be able to control the avatar and walk around at the pace you would do walking in the real world? You can explore your town, country, even continent/s from wherever you are. You’d still have to find the pokemon or dinosaurs you were after anyway so is it such a bad idea?

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My take of this is the idea of the current ar games is to get people out and walking but that doesnt mean every ar game has to go down that road. That road has quite a few different titles to choose from, if i was making an ar game id look for a way to differentiate mine and having it be a mix of both ar and a traditional game could be a unique experience. Why try to dethrone pogo and you could offer a game that gives a good experience no matter where you are playing from.


Rather than a jeep which isn’t a bad idea. I like that idea. If they give us dino pets, maybe we can run around raptors to find the hidden dinos or fly around the countryside on the flying dino’s.

I’d like to battle wild dino’s with a dino pet and rather than getting DNA of the dino we defeat, our pet dino gets an amount of its own DNA for winning… i.e. gets stronger from battling.

I like the restricted tower battling with only certain dinos or even dino’s a certain level and below so we can’t just put in our level 25 Utasinorapors and chomp things one, two, three.

I really wish these AR gaming companies would include a roaming feature. This would benefit disabled people, people who are too busy to spend hours wandering around town on foot, and everyone in bad weather.

When I used to play PoGo I was threatened with bodily harm by downtown tweakers who hated my bright bike headlight and wanted me to turn it off when I stopped to catch a Pokemon (hint: don’t do drugs and you won’t be bothered by a bicycle headlight!). The spawns sucked outside of downtown, so once I reached level 40 at last August’s Community Day I quit PoGo and switched to 100% JWA gameplay, where the spawns are good in much nicer, safer neighborhoods.

If PoGo had a roaming feature I might still play it.

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A big benefit to JWA over POGO is that you can play it while commuting ot work (or making my wife drive on trips). And now that they extended the drone range for strike events you don’t have to stand in someone’s driveway to get that event. Much easier to be discreet playing this game now.

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If we’re making requests now, I want to do my DNA hunting in style. I would even pay for this premium flying content :moneybag::ok_hand:(wink wink Ludia)