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Jeesh, 7 crits in a row. 🤔


Just did the 3 step immunity strike. The dino I lead with got 7 crits, on its first 7 attacks. I have had some lucky runs before, but never anything like this, not even close.

Can you guess which dino I used? :thinking:

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Monostegotops’s critical chance 20%

I guess Allosino

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Thor? Cause thats what i used to do this strike last week lol. Had similar results but not 7 in a row.


Its not a dino that you would expect to crit like this, nor does it have a high crit % that might justify 7 crits in a row. :wink: Which is why this is so weird.

Before this I think I had 4 crits in a row on Thor, but the dino I used today was not Allosino or Thor.




that thing is a crit machine :smiley: opponent trago got 3 crits against me in a row :open_mouth:

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Nope. Good guess though, I dont run Trago but I have been crit by it a lot!



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Nope. Indo critting 7 times would cause an extinction level event. :wink:


Was it a Weedle?


Come on now, everyone knows that only a shiny Weedle can crit :grin:


So it was wheedle then? What is a weedle?

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Lol, gotta catch em all to find out! :wink:


Utahsino maybe?

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Guys, it’s obviously Diplocaulus. Only Diplocaulus can crit 7 times in a row


I wish I would have recorded it. Low level white strike towers aren’t normally worth recording though.

Wasn’t Utahsino or (lol) diplo :rofl:


Then I guess it’s a Dino with either RTC or Extended Crit strike. 7 crits in a row even with 40% crit is still very unlikely.

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Gorgosaurus gets ridiculous amounts of Crits.

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Guess I will never know because I’m not coming back to this thread. Quit jerking these other fine folk around though and tell them already @GorillaGlue :upside_down_face: