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Join Dysfunctional Dinos!

Dysfunctional Dinos are always on the hunt for strong, dedicated and friendly members to join our family.
We offer 2 level 20 Sanctuaries that are built in less than 24 hours. We always donate DNA
We are currently achieving 10/9 but just this last week we reached 10/10, so come help us to maintain this amazing achievement.
Discord is mandatory. We are an international alliance but use English to communicate.
Level 10 with 1500 trophies or more.
We expect daily play (daily missions and DBI).
If you’re looking for a team that merges the ambition of a top tier alliance with a fun and friendly environment, we are the team for you. PM your interest to become a Dysfunctional Dino.

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My discord is HappyWaffle22#1363 I want to ask some questions but discord would be a better place to ask

Hey @Shadow_Haunter I’ve sent you a Freidn Request on Discord. Contact me when you can

I would love to join,for how much time are there slots,since i would like to join later,but probably not now,my In Game name is MoonlitBeaver and I have 2060 as my max trophies. I want to join later because I have been in the alliance from the early days and feel like I want to hold on for some more time.

I think I would like to join,I am level 10 at the moment and have 2060 trophies high score but my current score is 2046

Is discord mandatory? Would it not be fine without it ?

Update: we’re looking for 4 maybe 5 players now. Like before, we’re seeking players willing to battle and dart for the Allaince. We have reached 10/10 again this last week, so we now consider ourselves Rank 10/10 achievers for the future. We also will be expanding our list of Sanctuaries to include three level 20 Sancs. So please, come be a Dysfunctional Dino with us. We would be glad to have you.

As further proof if anyone was wondering

Yes please. My player name is DinoMaster and Id is 7195. I am lvl 10 and 1600 trophies. Do you still have space?

Hello! We do have space, but Discord is mandatory, do you have it, or are willing to get it? @Pradyun_Gaddam

Still have a spot? 2600 trophies

we do have a spot, but Discord is mandatory, do you have it, and are willing to get it if not?

Selvain #0763

Already have and use

Great! I’ll be sending you a Friend Request on Discord, that way I can talk to you and have my leader come show you what is required of the Allaince

Dysfunctional Dinos are looking for new members.
Ark 1 Allaince
3 level 20 Sanctuaries
Good DNA donations
International Alliance
Discord is mandatory with English for communication
Level 10 with at least 2000 trophies
Daily missions and DBI
Players willing to complete at least 20 battles a day.
If you’re looking for a top tier alliance with a fun and friendly environment, PM your interest to become a Dysfunctional Dino.

Still 2 spots open! Come join us!