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Join I squared R Dinos

I^2R Dinos is a brand new alliance recruiting
Looking for active players with 2000+ trophies and who would get 10 kills in the tournament
Message me on discord at Daylan2003#1265 to join
I’m also looking for a possible sanc collaboration as we get a few more members
Come join and grow with us as we become a successful and amazing alliance

As of this moment were accepting lower level players
Come join quickly becuase we wouldn’t always we accepting players with less than 2000 trophies

We are already at 11active members since being created less than 5 days ago
Currently accepting all trophies and levels so join while you can

We are still recruiting, we have already hit 23 members in less than 6 days of being formed, we have no restriction at the moment so join while you can
Message Daylan2003#1265 on discord to join

We are now at 33 members
There is still no trophy limit so please join as soon as you can

As you can see we are incredible active and growing incredibly fast so join while you can

We have just 2 spots left

We have space for two active players so message me on discord to join pls :slight_smile:

We have about 5 spaces and are on par to hit 9/8 this week so join while you can

I Squared R Dinos are recruiting

After having one of the fastest growths in the game "I squared R Dinos " is now an EXTREMELY active alliance and currently has 1 spot open
There may be more spaces open soon as there are players suspected of being inactive

While we are extremely active we don’t have any insane rules or requirements
We just expect
•1 D.B.I on average per day, it’s ok if you can’t get it on some days

• 10 kills in tourney

• do not place dinos in our shared sanc

•2000+ trophies

And of course most importantly be polite

If you want to be a part of our amazing alliance DM me on discord Daylan2003#1265

As of this week we are destined to hit 9/8 in weekly rewards and anticipate 10/9 rewards in the near future

Exceptions can be made for very active players under 2000 trophies

We still have 3 spaces as of now, looking for very active members

We got 9/8 this week, have 4 spaces left, message Daylan2003#1265 on discord to join

Spaces are still open, please DM on discord to join

We still have 2 spots open

Still have 2 spots open