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Join I squared R Dinos

1 spot left, but most likely more after reset

Will have multiple places after reset so please message Daylan2003#1265 on discord to join

We have 5 free spaces as of now

Currently have 3 more spaces

I’ve sent you a friend request

I accepted you

We now have 2 spaces left

Have 3 spaces left

We are going to have multiple spots open after reset, we will get 9/8 this week and teir 6 in tournament, DM me on discord to join, Daylan2003#1265

Hi, we have 4 free spaces now , for some very active members

We have 3 free spaces left

We got anothet 3 spaces left for some active members, we may get 10/9 this week or 10/8

We have 2 spots left

We will have spaces after reset to message me on discord at Daylan2003#1265 to get a spot

@moderators can this thread be closed please; it’s too cluttered and outdated, thanks

Closed at OP’s request