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Join IBRIS squad!

Hi y’all! Our alliance, IBRIS raptor squad, is looking for a few new active members.
We have a few lower levels, mainly high level players, and a few at the top. This is a great balance! It is great for donations.

We tend to achieve rank 10 in exploration, rank 7-8 defence(looks hard but I think could be easy if we did some quick friendly matches).
We tend to achieve incubator 7-8 in the alliance championship. We keep motivating to improve!

We are a full active squad, but don’t worry.
We require you to be active regularly, get the 10 tournament takedowns every weekend, and help out on alliance missions. Donations are your choice. We are rather laid back, yet a serious alliance that aims to play together to get our goals. We monitor activity, but nothing to really worry about, however; you don’t get away with 0 alliance points.

If we are currently full, don’t worry, we can make a spot!

We like to help with raids!

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