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Join in "The Mighty Fury Trainers" clan!

Hi riders. This clan is for new players and guys who haven’t enough points to join in other clans!
Dont forget to attack the alpha! Enjoy!
If you cant find the clan leave your id here and i will send request!

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So, firstly, I do want to wish you luck in getting your clan off the ground. I hope it works out, I do.

But I do need to mention that unless you specifically requested use of this artwork, and were granted it, it’s really not okay to use it for your own purposes. This particular situation is a bit of a grey area because I’m not 100% certain of the circumstances surrounding this. From what I’m aware, this isn’t official, as nice as it looks. It was done as a companion piece for the recent statue/figurine that Sideshow came out with. The artist helped design the statue, but I think did this on the side of their own volition. And you covered up the insignia (by accident, I’m sure) in the corner.

So, if that were the case, that’s someone else’s personal art you’re using, which a very big no no. It’s better to be safe, than sorry.

There’s plenty of other options out there. though. Editing screenshots seems to be popular.

Other than that, good luck!

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