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Calling all JWA alliance leaders. Do you have a hard working alliance? One that loves to raid and help others out? Likes to talk with people and have fun in the game? Your alliance would be perfect for AMASIN. AMASIN, or the Advance Multi-Alliance Society of Isla Nublar, is a fun group that is aiming to bring a few alliances into our group. We are currently at two alliances and hope to bring in more!
We have a vast discord server and we use it to: raid, discuss plans, share suggestions, talk about JWA, talk about ANYTHING, and much, much more!!! Your alliance will get free JWA cash links, a place to get/share advice, and more!
We hope to bring 3 or more alliances into our large server. We prefer hard working alliances that will join and use the discord! Do you think your alliance would fit in? We hope so, we want to make a nice friendly community of JWA alliance, and you can be part of that. Reach out me today to get more information. We hope that YOU and your alliance can be part of AMASIN!
(For the safety of our alliances, I will not be posting our servers link here. Reach out to me if your alliance wants to join, thanks!)

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I’m not the leader but the Danes might work ill see

Discuss with the leader then we can see!!