Join my Alliance! Looking for recruits!

Come join my alliance! It’s called: TheLegends
Always want to trade dna and do stuff! My ingame name if you need it is- Master #9127
My alliance does require at least 2 legendaries… if you dont have 2 or any at all, we can discuss it here if you want to join or have interest in joining!

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Sent you a request!

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will you be sharing exploits in your alliance?

I have sent a request!

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Wut do u mean? Sharing glitches?

Just send you one😁 @baryonyx

Thank you guys! I’m all full now… but I have 1 more bit of space to anyone wanting to join!

If a spot opens, I’d like to join

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Hi there! Anyone wants to join Cookie Squad? :blush:

everyone knows the dark side persuades you with cookies! @kacy

Sure go ahead! Tell me your in game username so I know to accept it

please add me. primemover777

Ok, please send a request to join

i would like to join, wilshire1966

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Ok please send! I am rejecting alot of requests because they are random, but il be sure to accept yours, btw, also send me a friend request

awsome! thankss

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Np, always happy for new recruits!

Haha. You figured out my secret :smile: I’ll give you extra cookie for that

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This is so off topic now :joy: