Join my alliance please

Hi i would like to invite you to join my alliance we are all very active with me my self playing it everyday and sharing as much dna as i can we have 35 members so far so we get the max dna quite fast . Feel free to join all ages and trophys

17 very active members so far come on guys lets get to 50

3 of us here just requested to join :grinning:

I have accepted you welcome

Thanks , we are all pretty active :+1:

Good to here i try to give every one who asks the max dna it will let me

This is a great new feature and this alliance is perfect . Still a few spaces to fill . I got the TRex gen 2 dna I needed in no time !

Very good. Yeah when we get 50 it will be so easy to get the dna we all need i think. I have him at level 16 if i can get him to level 18 or 19 i might put him in my team