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Join My Alliance “Timmy What Is It”

Hello all, I just created an account on the forum. I’ve been playing since June. I’m level 17. I created an alliance yesterday and I’m trying to fill it up.

My alliance name comes from Lex and Tim in the kitchen when she ask about the raptor lol!! I thought it was funny and only real fans would get it.

Anyways come join my alliance. Right now it’s only 3 members. Myself, my girlfriend, and another guy from an alliance we were in. A few others said they would join us.

I created the alliance so it would be fair. If you request some dna you must give some out. We can help each other level Dino’s up and share tips.

Look us up!

Timmy What Is It


I was in an alliance that I donated max dna every time but then I requested dna for a dimorphodon and got 1 person to donate. I left the alliance and started one for just me and my wife to trade dna between each other. We have a lot of fun with the game and our goal is to get every dino.

Hopefully you find the right people because some of them are just in it to get free dna. Especially lower leveled players (for obvious reasons) that want to take advantage of dna trading.

I would suggest making a statement that you must thank those who donated and as their leader appoint moderators to keep an eye on those only in it for free dna. I’d imagine a lot of people asking for Draco g2 or velociraptor dna a lot in groups. Velo was a highly sought after dna trade in the alliance I was in, but since I was trying to create indo I didn’t really want to spare any. I did donate at least once but never maxed out dna donations for velo because of it’s rarity.

Good luck.

Among the main issues with the alliance system are:-

  1. Some members are free riders i.e. always asked. Never give;
  2. Most times DNAs requested are those that are highly sought after i.e. Veloci, Stegosaurus;

The problem with #1 is after some time, these type of members will leave - after other members realized the one way street attitude. They will then join another alliance. And the process continues.

The problem with #2 is if everyone keep asking for the same dino(s) DNAs. Then it is highly likely that the request may not be fulfilled. Veloci’s DNAs are so precious to create and level up a number of usable dinos. So, it is something that we can never had enough. For Stegosaurus, it has gone missing for long time now. Same goes to Triceratops and many other usable dinos.

In essence, I do agree that leader of the alliance should get some sort of stats on members. Some indications on contributions of each member as well as the level of activities.

Thanks for the replies. I too was in a group giving max but hardly getting anything back. I gave max to so many people everyday. But only a few gave back.

In my group I will kick the ones who only ask and not give. If anything ask for a common Dino nobody cares for and we can donate and get coins.

After creating the alliance I feel I may have wasted 10k coins if I can’t get members.

Aww, don’t feel that way, I like the name! I’ll refer anyone that I find to be searching for an Alliance. Trading between few can still work.

I also don’t think dna trading should be limited to alliances. It should be something you can request from people in your friends list. At least this way no one will just get random requests from players they’ve battled once.

Don’t feel bad for creating it. Eventually you will get the right people. I gave up to soon, but I also didn’t really like the idea of alliances just what it offered. A way to chat with someone and trade dna but some players have abused it so it makes it bad for everyone else. They need to add messaging features to be able to communicate to someone after a battle or messaging features in the friends list. The alliance only limits how many people you can trade with. Open trading between players could be an eye for an eye thing. If they donate you donate.

I would like to recruit more members but don’t see the need to. I’m not in it for the competitive aspects just for the sheer fun and eventuality of collecting all the dinos.

I’d like to collect all Dino’s as well. I don’t care about my trophy count. I’d like to be in all arenas at some point though. But I hate battling. Only reason I do it is to get incubators and coins. The daily goal of 24 is super old I hate it.

So if someone is already in an alliance, you cannot invite them into yours? A buddy said you can by adding them by name and player number. But simply tapping their name says view alliance with no option to invite.

Merging two or more alliances worked great when I struggled finding members. We ended up with a really good group that seem to give and receive equally. It is hard to expect the same amount of donations from those with lower trophies and player level. I enjoy helping them out :blush:

Anyone is welcome to join. We have 6 members now. My girlfriend and I. Plus 4 guys from the other alliance. Trying to pull more over.

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Hello all my alliance, Timmy What Is It, is looking for new members. We’ve some inactive people that will be removed soon. We are looking for higher level players (15 and up) to help with alliance missions. People that are fair with requesting dna also giving dna too. We like members who are active daily please and that communicate with chat. Come join us.

Hello everyone, my alliance “Timmy What Is It” is looking for 9 players.

We are looking for members who are active daily and want to achieve rank 5 the alliance missions with us. We are looking for friendly people who use chat and communicate. Members who give dna at the same time as asking.

We have a good time and help each other create creatures. Looking for higher level members to better accomplish our missions, but if you are in it for the long run come and talk to me. :smiley:

My alliance, “Timmy What Is It” is recruiting some new members.

We’ve been achieving rank 10 Exploration and rank 9 on Defense consecutively.

Currently have 2 level 20 sanctuaries.

Must play everyday.

Must join our discord and actively use it.

Must speak English to understand expectations.

If you’re interested let me know. I’ll go over more.

Thanks for your interest.

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I am experiencing the same things in my clan


Hi, I would be interested in joining. I started playing a couple of months ago with my kids but they have lost interest. I play daily, am level 9 and trophy count 1110.


We are looking for a few more members if anyone is interested. Thanks.


i´m interested in joining your alliance. I´m daily active, do at least 200 darts and over 10 battles (depends on work-family-life-balance).
Thx :slight_smile:


Looking for more highly active players. We are really organizing sanctuaries right now. Discord is great. I’ve been cleaning house. Come join us.

Looking for a new alliance. Currently at 4600 trophies. Highly active.

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Hey David I’m recruiting right now. We currently hit 10/9 and are working towards 10/10. We have an active discord server and are working on growing sanctuary skills. Let me know if you’re interested.