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Join Our 5/5 Revolution! Kelliance is Recruiting! (now closed a/o 5:30pm 8/19)

Greetings! As of August 19th, Kelliance has a rare opening for one ACTIVE member for immediate placement. Please do not feel intimidated by this group’s level - we accomplish this because we all work together!

About us: We are very active, very generous, very friendly, and very global. After 5 straight weeks of 5/5, I will say we are officially a 5/5 alliance. Maintaining this feat requires all hands on deck, so be prepared for a little effort! We are in the process of fully migrating to Discord for easier communication (but may continue also using Facebook). It will be required you join and at least check in for mission and sanctuary strategy information. I’ve created an online form for members to log their DNA Requests & Donors in order to track that activity. We don’t look at quantities, just occurrences to know people are active and participating in both aspects. We welcome players of all levels and trophy counts, as we do not carry an elitist mentality. Teamwork makes the dream work, and we’re all in this together!

About you: Are you a daily player? Do you prefer darting or battling? Or do you just love it all (like me)? Do you like to socialize with your alliance partners? Anything else I might like to know? Drop me a DM, and let’s chat if you think you have what it takes to be a part of Kelliance! Cheers!

Is it still available? Cause I see 50 members in your alliance

Yes, as mentioned, the placement may be for tomorrow. I have a member leaving, so I am just sorting out the timing. I see your DM and will respond further to you there :slight_smile:

5/5 you must have a lot of low level players just battling non stop? We have 96% level 20’s daily players some hours on end and can never do 4000 battles in 2-3 days . Tho we finish our exploration easy with 3 days on average left. That’s without really aiming for more lol

How are you achieving so many battles that fast. I don’t know any alliances that do 5/5 on a regular basis or really much at all. Maybe I’m missing some trick ? Over 6000 battles in a week to do 5/5

Were almost at 4 and 3. Crushing it this week. Huge contribution by entire alliance.

This will be our 5th straight week and 6th time in last 7 weeks…

Were in rank 3 both. 5500 more darts till rank 4 exploration and east team has taken over.


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Still one spot available. Who wants in the fastest alliance on forum…well probably not faster then apex. …

The group is comprised of a solid balance of low to high level players (probably more of the “high level” variety, even). Most hands on deck seems to be the biggest key to success. We run a lot of friendly battles, many which we just “set and forget” during our normal days. Another key is to start Rank 3 as close as possible to 10am Eastern on Tuesday. That gives you 6 days to complete 3 & 4 which maths out to 20 battles + 10 incubators (across the board) per member per day with full participation. It really isn’t that crazy much when you look at it like that. A couple weeks ago, 28 steps & 14 incubators worth of strike events over the weekend certainly assisted. But this past week, we did it without as many steps plus one of our biggest battlers on holiday & much less engaged.

Our holdup at the start of the week tends to be the DBI (Defeat 10s), so once we achieve that over the weekend, we will stack and save for Monday (so long as it doesn’t compromise anyone’s personal missions, of course). Right now, we are a hair behind, waiting on about 10 of those to start Rank 3. And as we wait, I’ve asked members to hold off opening battle incubators & doing strike towers until we do. Most will, some won’t, and that’s ok. Enough are on board with the greater good of the group that we will be alright!

I think as we have achieved this 3 times now, the group is more and more motivated & psyched to keep doing it. I did a “temperature check” yesterday morning to see if anyone felt overwhelmed after back to back weeks of a little extra push. Everyone was just ready to get right back at it. It’s taken a lot of time to assemble this great group of people. Teamwork really is making the dream work (super hokey alert)!


Yes it would take a lot of effort from everyone to work together to finish defence . It’s not something you can randomly accomplish. That being said your obviously doing a good job managing your alliance members. Are you a international alliance or area specific? Just wondering if maybe managing players on the same time zone works better then international alliance?

Are you currently working on organizing sanctuary’s? I find that is something that we’ve been focusing on more on discord and on chat somewhat. It’s really hard for everyone to get the whole idea and strategy down perfectly.

Great job hitting 5/5 I don’t think we have hit it yet 1 time. Always hit our Exploration fast but I definitely wanna hit our defence weekly !!

Thanks, I definitely do some management. Once we are to this point, I’ll set forth daily goals for everyone. Some people do work better with “expectations” laid out. We are international - stretching from Arizona around to Australia. Some Europe in the middle and maybe one in India. There’s actually probably 20% of the group in Arizona, but I’m not totally sure that makes a difference. We’re just always way behind everyone else when we wake up haha.

We’ve dabbled in organizing sanctuaries but haven’t put a lot of energy/time/focus in to it. I actually counted on Sunday, and at one point, not even half the possible deployments were out (90ish out of 200). It might have been some timing. I figure once we get this 5/5 machine churning second nature, we can put some thought in to how we want to manage those.

Communication can be an issue with organizing in an international alliance I’ve noticed. Delayed responses . Sanctuary’s especially.

Also a set back is the counts you lose while waiting for the next level . Other day I did around 30 battles but our battles were finished and waiting on incubators I believe. So when it changes to tier 3 my counts didn’t count forward which I thought they did for defence .

I’ve also encouraged saving to open incubators and mission rewards till tier 4-5 for some of us which makes some difference . But definitely saving incubators or collecting requests after reset .

For me the reward of finishing defence is in itself but a lot are encouraged by nicer rewards which makes sense too. But in the end my goal is to finish the 2000 battles were short each week.

Personally I’ve noticed when tourneys happen an increase in battles occur as people just go all out but with having regular season top 500 players varying from 10-12 members they don’t wanna lose standing so much so are weary on battling 100 times a day lol.

I do as many as possible but friendly battles make a much more practical approach to finishing the demanding amount of battles for missions.

Do keep an update of how you do!! Nice job ! Hopefully once we fill are other 2 slots again we can finish 6k+battles lol


Bumping in hopes of finding a new recruit :slight_smile:

Superbly run alliance with a minimum of rules aimed at achieving 5/5; actually, not rules … guidelines. Honour fighting alongside so many prepared to put the effort in; I am very active but struggle to get badges in the missions … shows how dedicated everyone else is :+1:

Slackers need not apply :wink:

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By far the best alliance in game. Best people. Friendliest people.

These opportunities don’t open up often. Excited for our new member whoever they may be.

I’m currently looking for a new alliance since the one I’m in isn’t very active any more. I play daily and have over 4000 medals. If you still need 1 more let me know and I’ll join

Thanks for your response. I was able to fill up yesterday but will post here down the line if/when something else opens up. However, looks like you were able to join up with DinoL3o which is a great group. Congrats!

Hi, I’m looking for Aliance, I’m a top player, I’m active.
If you need one more member please let me know

Thanks for your response, @Dilan_Kros. I was able to fill my opening on Monday, hence “now closed” added to the subject. Please keep an eye on the future, as I’ll adjust it should a new opening occur. Hope you are able to find a great group!