Join our Alliance! Dinos On The Ark

We are all chill. No rules. We are nice, active, and donate quickly. And if anyone has ?’s I help immediately. All are welcome and accepted!

Use this link to join my Alliance in Jurassic World Alive!

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How many do you have in the alliance rn? If you have a small amount, would you consider merging? Our alliance name is thegreatlakers

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Yeah I would merge that would be awesome. We have 10

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The new alliance can be named “The Great Laker Dinos on the Ark”… Catchy!


I mentioned on the other thread that I am ok with stepping down from leader if we merge

Dinos on the ark is a great name, will see how the others feel about joining what already exists.

Character limit… Laker Dinos On The Ark is good to go!

I already sent a request! :slight_smile: