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Join our discord raid server

Accepted fd request

Invited to server :slight_smile:

Ok its m’y pseudo discorde


Sent a request

If you accept my friend request (from Jurricane) I will invite you to the server

Accepted you request

Invited to server :slight_smile: @Rexylius

Discord link expired

Yeah just add me on discord @Supe_Won

Or use this @Supe_Won

Request sent user for JW alive is Skrill#2250
Discord is potted plant#5218

New link if needed:

Big thanks to the people who have been joining you guys are awesome and we have a nice little group going now! :slight_smile:

Oh wow thanks to all the awesome people that joined and have been helping out it means a lot :slight_smile:

It says Unable to join

I still can’t join. No worries! It’s just my internet!