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Join Raptor Attack!

Hi everyone!
Raptor Attack is currently looking for a few good additions to our alliance. We are an active alliance without many requirements. We typically get 7-8/10 every week and Tier 8 in the tournament.

Our only requirements are that players be level 15 or above, that all members get 10 takedowns every week in the tournament, do not start new sanctuaries, and only put planned dinos in our sancs. We encourage everyone to join discord so we can help lower members with raids.

If you are interested in joining us, send an in game request. Once approved we will ask you confirm in the chat you understand and will respect the few rules we do have.


Still looking to add a few folks!

Raptor Attack is looking for a few new members!

We don’t have many rules, we just ask you get your 10 weekly takedowns and do not start new sanctuaries or place creatures in the level 20/co-op sanctuaries. That’s it!

We have discord where we coordinate raids and help newer members get DNA. We have several folks on every night that stick around until everyone has gotten the raids they want.

We typically get 7-8 out of 10 on each alliance mission and normally reach level 8 in the tournament. We are hoping with a few more active members, we can go even higher. We do participate in a co-op for level 20 sanctuaries.

So if you want a relaxed and active alliance, just search for “Raptor Attack” and add us! We will have you confirm in the chat you understand our two requirements. Hope you give us a try!