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Join the best alliance. we have 2 level 20 sanctuaries


Hello! Lets play this game seriously and obtain a lot of accomplishments together. The alliance missions are no problem at all. Your DNA requests will get filled extremely fast. The level 20 sanctuaries I have are a great way to get many DNA you will need without having to wait long to use your items. Working together with my alliance we have the best strategy to level up sanctuaries. All your requested dinos can be added to the sanctuaries.

^Raptors are extremely kool to have ! ^but theres also these other very unkool monsters… hideous on the inside and out.

Everyone is welcomed to join. Don’t wait around for change to happen in your alliance.


Indeed, that’s the best allience. Also they have the best members in this community.


The sanctuaries look so awesome.

You used the D-word though and I was thrust with leadership obligation.

I am impressed you got a group of people who are willing to coordinate instead of saying you do you.

That first sanctuary looks like another alliances. Are you co op with evolution 777?



Careful now on how you advertise. I know more than what is posted here.

Just wanted to chime in and say good job on the other 20 but let’s not overdo it now.

Happy hunting!



Lol, just lol. That other sanctuary is michigan monsters/ evolution777 sanc and you nor any of the killerraptors did nothing towards it.


hello. yup I am now

I do not know what an evolution777 is. But relax. everyone has a different style of playing this game and I have been helping you add some really great dino selection for us to share. Great team work.

I see, thats how you wanna play. You werent helpful at all, only stole spots. But hey that’s how killerraptors roll…


Hi there,

Nice work with the sanct, by the way, how much dna do you get at the end?

U get 54 for a rare FIT and 19 for epic FIT.

KP, I see you used an image with my name - Steph as most people know me in game and in the JWA Discord. That top level 20 sanctuary is not yours, nor did you or anyone with Killer Raptors do any work to get us - EVO777 and Michigan Monsters - to that level 20 sanc. You are able to take that picture due to a mishap and you are taking advantage of a situation and as DinoL3o said above, you are false advertising.

I ask that you please correct your post and remove that image with my name on it. Of course a big congrats with the second level 20 sanctuary that I presume you actually achieved.

And thank you @Dinocop for your fast recognition, much appreciated.


After this I dont think they managed to get their “first” 20 lvl sanctuary at all. Propably did same thing and stole spots from other alliance.


you chose to add your dinosaur into the same sanctuary i am using. its team work.
All of you may not welcome me but I am here in this position because I was allowed to share in the same sanctuary. There is no problem with that and it is fair. I’m just first to post about it.
You are all the stephs and everyone else you want to be. You have so many alternate accounts in your alliance right now.

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Okay please stop before this gets out of hand. Seems like you wont correct it.

If by teamwork you mean this comment then please by all means keep your statements.

Identity have been removed to protect certain individuals.


thanks for that out of context message. either way it says permission and you do not know what it is really talking about.

Well I dont need to justify anything. Stealing a sanctuary and claiming it as your product/label is one thing. But to falsely advertise is another.

Happy hunting as always!


even though someone cant claim ownership over something designed for the public, lets just leave it as i was given ownership of it.
I set my sights higher every time. I’ll see you in a few days with triple level 20 or more.

Is there an open spot in the alliance? And if so, are there any ground rules members need to follow? Your alliance sounds interesting and I’m currently looking for one.

Well this turned out to become the perfect advertisement NOT to join your alliance even though I know there are some nice members in your alliance. It simply is not cool to cut through the strategy of another alliance for their sanctuary without their permission.