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Created a super chill Alliance for my son and I but anyone in the US is welcome to apply. We’re not worried about ranking or winning any tournaments just love collecting and leveling. Only rule is, if you request, then you must also donate what you can.

Why is it only open to people in the US? image

typically it’s a question of time zones.

do you understand what constitutes a race?

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Figured this way most of the hunters would be on at the same times making friendly battles and chatting easier. But please feel free to continue to troll.


I figured someone would bite, but didn’t think it’d be you, Julien :smiling_imp:

The US is a melting pot of all "ethnicities’. There is only one human race.

so i won?

the race?


Getting burned by @Julien_Mayfair is like an honor. We’re all winners here today :raised_hands:

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