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Join the Mesozoic Misfits!

So the new exciting Scorpios Rex Gen 3 tourney begins!

This is a great reward for alliances that hit the higher levels and we hope to hit at least level 8 as we always have in the past, but this time we need your help.

We had a bit of an alliance exodus after the last tourney leaving us with only 30 or so members. No bust up or drama, just a new year and a group wanted to start their own alliance with a less competitive expectation.

So if you are in an alliance that won’t be reaching the unlock level, or if your alliance is struggling to perform why not consider joining us?

We don’t expect hardcore players, far from it. Just people, who love the game and enjoy being part of an active team where everyone plays daily because they want to, not because they have to. Ideally you’ll join our discord channel where we organise all raids, chat and keep up with the free cash links etc…

We have up to 3 level 20 shared sanctuaries so you’ll get the maximum dna return on your fips.

DM me here and let’s see if we can be a good fit you you!


Can join

Im level 13

I sent you a DM @DinoIsaac360

Only 12 spots left to fill now!

hi am i able to join? currently level 11 nearly 12

Send join request to Mesozoic Misfits @karl_eastwood

sent in game name Akatsuki

Thanks for all the DM’s guys, we are getting there!

Still a few spaces left though so get in touch :wink:

Just a few hours before the tourney starts now so what will you be getting this season?

We are rebuilding out great alliance and are almost there , just a handful of spaces left and we hope to hit unlock level 8 in this months alliance championship!

So get in touch and let’s do this!

We now have a dedicated team of 42 players with a few more joining soon.

Even with a team that started the week with only 30 or so members we are at 8/7 on weeklies and I really think we will hit tier 8 this month in the championship.

So why not come and join us, you won’t regret it :wink:


Just 4 spaces left now!

Still a chance to join an alliance that plays as a team to get great rewards.

On course for 10/8 this week and tier 8 for this months championship :grinning:

Hey can i join? I’m a Level 20 player just returning after a 1,5 year pause.

Send a request in game @Fatalgunz90 to Mesozoic Misfits

Thanks! Request sent

Only one space left guys so if you want to join us be quick!

2 spaces up for grabs and I’m delighted to say we hit 10/8 this week!

Can i join?

Send us a request in game @jennifer_cocoa