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Join the Mesozoic Misfits!

Just one space available for a daily adult player who is willing to join our discord too.

It’s a painstaking job to have a team of 50 players who play daily because they want to but we are now really close to achieving this!

2 more players booted that didn’t log in for a couple of days and didn’t join discord. One replaced already which leaves one space and I’d love to fill it before the second week of the tournament.

So if you figure you’re doing your bit in your alliance but can’t understand why there are slackers in it that do next to nothing, give us a try!

We are a team, all doing our bit and playing daily because we want to, not because we have to.

The team know that they won’t be carrying any dead weight because leadership make sure of it.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of alliances out there, from the small ones that have no rules to the ultra competitive who expect you to prove you’ve done your dailies etc…. We sit in the upper half but won’t ask for this that or the other. Just log in daily, don’t mess with the shared sanctuaries, do what you can, join our discord for raid co-ordination, and get you ten takedowns every weekend.

It’s an adults only alliance so no kids please. It’s not that we don’t like them, but most of us have them and play to escape the everyday stuff and have a bit of escapism and fun. Whinging kids isn’t our idea of that so I hope that makes sense.

So does this sound like the kind of alliance that would suit you?

DM me and let’s talk!

A space has opened up so if you fancy joining us dm on here!

If you want to get decent rewards for your effort and rekindle your love of the game give us a go!

I would love to join yours alliance

You’ve read the requirements @Didiwin?