Join the Mesozoic Misfits!

A space has opened up so if you fancy joining us dm on here!

If you want to get decent rewards for your effort and rekindle your love of the game give us a go!

I would love to join yours alliance

You’ve read the requirements @Didiwin?

@Schtemty, can I join your alliance? Is your Discord server very much active and new user-friendly for all sorts of raids? I have read your alliance requirements.

Our discord is amazing and we love to help wherever possible.

My in-game name is: DinoTamer19#9894

Send an in game request to join and send me a friend request on discord so that I can invite you to that too - schtemty#9047

One space is available for the right player in our adults only alliance.

You need to log in daily and do your bit to help like the rest of us. Play because you want to play, not because you feel you have to though. If you don’t want to play every day we aren’t the alliance for you.

There is nothing worse then feeling you are doing way more than everyone else in an alliance, so you won’t be looking at ours and seeing inactivity all around you.

We have a discord channel which you’ll need to join, and that a fun place to hang out and plan raids.

All the expected rewards are here including shared sanctuaries, 9/10 weeklies, and 8/9 tournaments. Plus great dna donations as we have so many veteran players.

So don’t delay - if you are looking for a new home that will reward you for your efforts and make the game fun again dm me here or on discord schtemty#9047



It’s me again, bumping up our recruitment thread.

We have a couple of spots to fill before the new tourney starts.

If you want to join our adults only alliance let me know but please bear in mind the following.

You will need to join our drama free, kids free, discord so we can get in touch if needed. Raids are planned here, and of course we can coordinate and help the alliance reach targets by having a way to communicate with each other. The fact that it’s a fun place to hang out in is an added bonus!

Everyone plays daily and you’ll need to at least log in daily even if you can’t do much on a busy day. We don’t have any slackers and everyone does their bit to help the alliance. You won’t be asked for evidence that you’ve done this that or the other though. We are looking for players who want to play, not people who begrudgingly log in because they have to.

You will need to get your ten takedowns in every tournament, and show a pvp score within 24 hours of the reset.

Respect the shared sanctuaries.

In return you’ll get 9/10 weekly rewards, 8/9 tourney rewards ,multiple level 20 sanctuaries, helpful advice from players who know what they are talking about and plenty of rarer dna donation from veteran players.

With the boost token from alliance championship progress now is the time to be a part of a great alliance. So don’t delay send me a pm on here or on discord schtemty#9047

Update May the 5th.

Two spaces available for the right people, and please only apply if you are serious, over 18 and willing to follow our simple, easy to follow rules. These include daily play, ten takedowns in tourneys, joining our fun filled discord, and not messing with shared sanctuaries

I’m not going to make any false promises here, and we really aren’t desperate. We will expect you to do your bit including daily log in and a willingness to be involved. We don’t carry passengers, and most of us have been together for years playing this game. In return you’ll get to a part of a super team and have fun while reaping the rewards you deserve.

Because we have so many veteran players you’ll get helpful advice whenever you need it, generous dna donation, and a drama free atmosphere.

So if you fancy a change, or are looking to join an alliance that has the level 20 sanctuaries and enjoys 9/10 weekly rewards and 8/9 tournament rewards without any huge demands on you get in touch :slightly_smiling_face:

Can I join your alliance if possible?

Hello, can I join your clan? My level is 20. I play every day (because I like it) and try to complete 4 raids blue, yellow, red and green on Monday/Thursday.

Hey there!

One weekend to go then a new season starts!

We have a couple of spots available right now for daily players who will also get the ten takedowns every weekend.

We aren’t desperate though - we will be hitting a comfortable level 9 this month - so only apply if you are going to add something to our already great alliance.

You will need to join our fun filled discord, respect our sanctuary rules, and be over 18, so no kids thank you.

We are one of the very few top alliances that will take lower level players too. You will grow quickly with the help we can offer.

DM me on here and join a group of players who are all old enough to know better but also old enough not to care what anyone else thinks! :wink:

Fancy joining an adults only alliance?

We are a strong group who still love this game despite all its problems!

Message me or scroll back to see if you would be a good fit for our great alliance :smiley:

Another day passes with literally no interest!

What happened to this forum being a place to find willing and eager recruits?

I notice other alliances advertising on here, on discord and on other social media sites day after day, week after week and always the same recently - not much interest.

Has the game become something people are no longer interested in or is everyone already in an alliance that gives them all they want?

Whatever - I’ll keep trying and remind y’all we have an alliance almost full giving 9/10 weekly and 8 or 9 on tournaments.

Currently 3 spaces for adults who play daily and will join our fun filled discord. DM me on here or message me (schtemty#9047) or LordVader088#7539 on discord.

Well now, contrary to my last post we have filled one of the three spots!

So one down and two to go ….

You could do a lot worse you know :upside_down_face: