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😀 Join the Velocifactors today!Join our top 100 alliance today!Still 6 spaces available could be you!We also complete all raids😀

Hello everyone my alliance is recruiting 6 new active players we receive
.tier 9/10 on weekly rewards
.we get T8/9 on AC :astonished:
.we help with all raids in our discord
.we have 2 level 20 sanctuaries
.and we even send all cash :money_with_wings: links!!!
.we try and donate as much as possible to each player
. Don’t worry is you don’t speak great English we have translating bot on discord to help👍
.we supply easy strategies so everyone can participate and 90% of the alliance do apex daily
.Even if people have completed their raid they are always willing to help other

We just ask you do complete
10 takedowns and do your daily missions
aswell as looking out for messages from our
Thank you if you would like to join leave a reply
or find me on discord Jeffjwa#8804

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If I don’t reply immediately I may be sleeping immediately in European time zone

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Feel free to join just send me your team on discord or hear! So I know what you have for raids