Join TheToasterNation :D Currently at 1 member lol

Members must have a Carno in team in order to join and must have trophy minimum of 100.
All new members are promoted to senior after joining the alliance after a week.
We welcome any slackers who just play part time and really don’t care if you’re offline a lot.
Members are recommended to post a message of anything (not un family friendly) in the chat so I can rank people who have joined after a week.
I am currently looking for mods and anyone who beats are qualified for a rank in the mod team
*Note for anybody who wants to join mod team
Please do not kick anybody without my permission
Please do not invite without my permission
Please do not abuse any power.
*Note for everybody wanting to join
I will be inactive during christmas and christmas eve soif you plan to join, please do so adter the 26