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Join Virginia USA or SEAL TEAM


All are welcome. See you there


How many members.


I will happilly join!
Just as long as I will be accepted… I tried to join the gaming beavers one and I had no luck :frowning:


I am pending approval - sorry if it’s like midnight for you… I presume your from Virginia?


Accepted…And DNA was given to you too. Thanks


Do you have any level requirements? And how many members? :slight_smile: i might be looking for a new alliance, im at 4800 trophies rn


Anyone is fine to join- I’m sure!
It dosent matter how good you are


HI, I am in VA and have sent a request to the Alliance. Thanks in Advance


Now I’m in the alliance, it’s funny looking back on this… it reminds me of back when supply drops were blue and strike events were nonexistent- It’s been a while :wink:


I’m giving up being leader of my alliance…Virginia USA because I will not be playing as much anymore or deleting my account. What really surprised me was how many cheaters there are in this game. I would not have known about it if it wasn’t for this forum. ( makes sense why I cant advance ) I’m not an IT person and absolutely know so little about computer games. I’m in the medical field and own a business. I’ve been thinking about who I want to give leadership to. I have someone in mind since she was one of the first to join and has been with the alliance since day one. But I also have spent hundreds of dollars on this game and I’m convinced that I just suck as a player since I can’t seem to advance further than a few 100 trophies. Not to mention I gain about 100 trophies higher and lose twice as much by the next day. Uggh. ( if you could feel my frustration) SMH. I love this game too but I just gotta walk away in a few weeks and focus on other things. I’ve really invested alot of time and money into this game only to remain stagnant as a player. I will be using up all my scents (about 12 of them) first so i can collect as much DNA as possible, then donate as much DNA as I can to my alliance…Virginia USA. I have 50 members and every week i get more people wanting to join but I have to turn them away because I’m full. So Sarahsaurusrex if your reading this…You are who I would like to give leadership to. So if your willing to except it then let me know, either on here or next time you log into the alliance.
P.s My husband is so happy I’m giving this game up. Everytime we’re out, I’m always hunting for DNA…lol. He tells me I’m addicted to the game. He came close to almost downloading it himself but I convinced him not to do it. He works alot and needs to stay focused at work. I didn’t want him spending all his free time on the game like me. : ) Ludia and Virginia USA you’ve been great. So look for me to donate the Maximum DNA to everyone in my alliance in a few weeks.


Dinorage- I will happily accept the offer, thank you so much.

It’s really sad to hear that you’re saying goodbye, the alliance won’t be the same without you! I hope you have a great last few weeks, and we won’t forget the contribution and devotion you gave to the game, and the alliance. Since I’ve been there from the start, I’ve seen how the group has grown, and we rocketed up fro 2 to 50 in no time at all.

I hope the path ahead is a good one, and I know how hard it is to have to leave something forever, even if it’s only a game, a great game at that. I too have spent countless hours on the game as well, fitting it in around all the homework from high school, whilst somehow managing to draw, play in bands and do all the other things life throws at me.

Hope this post brightens you up,
From Sarahsaurusrex (S-J) :wink:


Thanks. I knew you would be the perfect person to take over our alliance. Wow… our alliance truly rocks. :blush::hugs:


Thanks for the compliment,
It does!