Joining alliances based on a variety of zones?

Hi there, my name is Julie, I finally had to get an account to post here and talk to more involved players. I would very much like to join an alliance but I still have some questions and ideas about them. Is anyone screening for zones so that an alliance can have a good mix of dna to trade? I think it’s a good idea so we’re not all sitting on too much of the same DNA.

Also I’m looking for an alliance, I guess this is my resume haha. I live in zone 4 but I work in another zone, not sure which yet. Lvl 14, I play daily, sometimes for hours and have no intentions of quitting. I read articles (mostly ludia and metahub) but im still kind of new to forum stuff. I’ve been playing for at least 4 months now, I spend very little real money on the game. Ive been slaying up Sorna Marshes until my stegodeus was nerfed by the update, and I haven’t really been able to reconfigure my team yet to reconcile with the update so ive lost some trophies. That being said I know everyone wants to be in an alliance with people of equal or higher trophies and level to get the max DNA, so do I. So I’m putting this out there to see if there are some like minded alliances seeking members? And any recommendations for rearranging my team since the moves have changed are welcome too. Thank you!

The first picture was meant to be last, sorry about that

Currently my alliance isn’t spread too much with zones(that I know of), just been trying to grow numbers to start. You are welcome to join, Tyrant Lizard Kings is the name of the alliance