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Joining multiple clans

Is there a way to join multiple clans? I am a leader of one clan, but I need members to play so we can play more experienced alphas. I feel like we should be able to join multiple clans.

No, recruit members or join a clan that’s already established. Can’t have it both ways

From what I am aware you can only join 3 clans per day? And I believe each time you do so, everything gets reset, save for your already accumulated points on chests. Once you open your clan chest, however, it’s level will revert.

So, say you were in a clan that was fighting 10* Alphas and you were getting 10* chests. You leave the clan and go to one fighting 3* Alphas. You get enough points to open the chest, and your next chest will be level 3 (I believe. If this is wrong, do please correct me)