Joint statement from the top 5 clans to Ludia

We are the top 5 clans in your game, consisting of 350 members and the top pay to play accounts in the game, and we have to come together to let you know that we are reconsidering promoting pay to play players in our clans and among the public forums, due to Ludia’s lack of play testing and promised bug fixes.

With the game close to unplayable, we will no longer support the promotion of pay to play and we will start the promotion of withdrawing funding amongst the top clan players and public forums, unless play testing will be implemented to every update. For now the game devs need to focus on fixing all the bugs instead of keep pushing new content that makes it worse.

Duty chests needs to get back to the old balance. Ludia says its due to the upcomming arena rewards, but we cant wait multiple months for a good balance. They can always be changed when Arena is here.

We need to have something done to Alpha chests also. When clans were released, we were promised the best rewards in the game. They have never been close to that and now runes are removed. 4* dragons are obtained from lvl. 7, so players dont need to go further. It should always be a good deal to fight stronger Alphas.

We hope Ludia will hear our united clans as the top pay to play accounts and strongest influencers over public forum and implement these changes. We believe in the future of this game and support your financial needs but if we continue to be ignored, we will have no choice but to take over public forums and make our clans withdraw funding and membership.

Kind regards,
Valhalla, Akatsuki, Beavers, Lionheart and Drogon’s


I approve with the balancing of duty chests and alpha chests. But I’m not sure about the game being unplayable. The missing UI in the battles sure is bad, but they already said the hotfix is coming. The game seems fine except for the fact that they removed rewards in the chests. What other game breaking bugs are there that makes this forum go nuts right now?

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The level 15 dragons and hatch 15 eggs, plus those being more common

Astrid duties broken

Alpha bugs not fixed nor the promised rebalancing of alphas, I cant finish clan duties because I only get 3 hits vs shellfire b/c it dies too quick

Scale on yellow all weekend

They just lowered today’s quest rewards

Why lower duty chest rewards and make them so much harder to complete?


They removed energy from the duty chest but they got it back but we only get 9 energy not even 10, and the duties are very hard to complete now, removed the runes from the alpha chest, reduced the amount of scales, fish, and coins, especially scales and runes because they are very rare in the game, the bugs are more annoying now, you can’t see the health bar of the enemies, you can fight now the enemies in the background of duties, if you fight a stage with three waves, even if you move to the third wave it still shows you that you are still in the first wave, and the frozen bug which was supposed to be fixed is NOT fixed because I just encountered it yesterday, you want more? Wait for the next update, their updates always come with hundreds of new bugs that will effect your gameplay and it has been like this since the release of the game, we had enough, and now they are making the game a lot difficult to play, it’s not fun now.



You can add Dragon Watch Clan to your list.

Update 1.6 is a complete disaster.

There are so many problems with the current state of the game that I started a post to document some of the problems.

  1. They said the battle bugs are being hotfixed very soon
  2. I said I approved everything OP said about the rebalance of the duties. It sucks that they are harder AND give less rewards. But it doesn’t make the game unplayable in my opinion…
  3. Except the bugs that are clearly getting fixed really soon, I don’t see why people are complaining THAT hard. The Arena is coming soon and I’m excited for it.


  1. They never said their battle bug are going to be hotfixed. They only stated that they knew of the bugs and are looking into fixing them.
  2. Not being able to do duties does make the game rather unplayable, because now we have about half the energy less to use then we did in last patch, but if you want a more detailed explanation check out a post i made a few days ago clled " a more Elaborate look at the duty changes"

I said I approved what OP said about the balancing of duties, I don’t like that they are harder AND give less rewards. Pretty sure the scales being yellow for the whole weekend was a bug and not intended lmao. But I still don’t see why people are being as upset as they are, I’m sure Ludia are working on fixing most of the stuff that’s not working properly at the moment.

Really soon or 1, 2 or 3 months?


Right, one more bug… we are upset because the patch that was supposed to fix bugs didnt (except the anveil bug) and instead caused countless more. The severe duty nerfing was hidden until release, topped off with broken duties. Battles are much harder due to bugs and. a lack of targeting or knowing who is close to death.
Alphas are broken for some clans. The anveil fix was the only positive outcome from to patch.
We are upset because they have shown time and time again that they refuse to see if there updates even work, let alone seeing how balance is impacted


And those terrible changes they made like making the duties hard reducing amounts of resources and removing runes and that stuff were not mentioned at all in the release notes which made us feel like a betrayal.


Aren’t those changes and bugs enough to make us upset? We paid for the game, and their fix very soon was 4 days ago. What I got for compensation was a joke, 2 keys and 10 energy.


I am, quite honestly, DREADING the Arena.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge PvP fan, but I will participate if I feel the rewards are worth it.
What concerns me most, though, is Ludias inability to release material that has been tested and properly vetted. As we all saw in this update, which was supposed to “contain mostly bug fixes and rebalancing”, everyone is complaining about how UNbalanced and buggy it is. Why should we ever assume that the ‘upcoming’ Arena will be any different?

I also saw Friday that the reason rune and energy rewards were reduced was in preparation for the Arena, which I wholeheartedly disagree with. Following that logic, Ludia has decided FOR us that we MUST participate in their new feature, or we won’t get the rewards we’ve been getting all along…? Maybe I’m just being impertinent, but if you try to FORCE me to play a specific feature in a specific manner, I’m more likely to delete the game.

I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure there are others that agree with me as well. That being said, I apologize if I offend. I know support both here and in the game is grossly overworked, but that can’t excuse such blatant disregard for the player base (and yes, let’s face it… YOUR CUSTOMERS)


Amd for those who paid for subscription, this was a clear bait and switch


Change the name of the game! dragon eggs!!! :rofl: :crazy_face: hatch 15 eggs !!! I’m tired :nauseated_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :-1:t2: And Tired of playing one game to win eggs !!!


Update 1.6 was introduced with the following sentence:
“This minor update focuses solely on improvements across the game and bug fixes.”

Update 1.6 not only failed to fix bugs but it introduced a whole bunch of new bugs.

The “improvements” turned out to be a ploy to limit game progress by lowering the amount of energy, runes, and scales that players can obtain.

The “gift box” turned out to be a shady way to serve up advertisements.

The implications of the changes were not thought out and the update was not properly tested.

People are upset because the game has been riddled with bugs since release.

Update 1.6 was supposed to fix bugs instead it made things much worse.

Please read through the many complaints on the forums.

People have a legitimate gripe.


I used to play 4 hours or more every day. Now i can do it all within 2 sessions of 30-40 minutes. Duties are way harder and takes forever to complete and to make it better some of them are broken (Astrid’s). Breeding duties seem fine but it takes at least 3 to 4.5 hours if you breed 2 star dragons (which become useless in the mid-late game). Clan missions are an added bonus in this update but you can at most complete 1 of those per day. The hatching/leveling dragons are broken. You need 12-15 missions (60 to 75 energy which is 10-12 hours of replenishing) to get enough eggs to complete a single duty, and then you get to level up 15 dragons, this cicle is broken even if you spend every energy on that you cant keep up. Also, even if you do those missions, you cannot do anything else as you have NO ENERGY, unless you spend runes to refill energy.
BUGS: duties bugs, loading bugs, alpha bugs. As if it is not enough, when you are exploring or grinding those missions for eggs you get some bugs like eternal loading screen, or no UI (which leads to fail if you are doing a challenging exploration stage).
Clan chests: if these new chests are the “best rewards in the game” so i wont even bother doing pvp, better stop playing at once… Removing runes from the chests is a ridiculous move. Even the top players get a clan chest once every 3 to 5 days, only to get those runes and a 4* dragon. Those runes are at most 1 energy refill every few days or a premium draft every 10 days to give players a speck of hope, so why remove that? Not to mention that useless buffalord dragon that, at the current pace will take months to get.
The clan alpha system is very poor, you have to FAIL every other day because you cannot lock the level of your clan alpha, making you face a overleveled alpha that your group cannot possibly beat.
LUDIA: if you want to make more money, get those people to find alternatives, there are so many to choose from, cosmetic items like skins, name change for your favorite dragons, banners, avatars, exclusive content.
You just throw stuff out there without any planning. I have never played a game where developers give stuff out and then take it away.
Im not even get started on the flight club as i had some problems with it myself, but you cant SELL A PRODUCT and then NERF that product along the way, after the customer already bought it. THAT is what you have done by messing with duty chests. The 3 months required to max Skullcrusher will most likely become 4 or 5 months.


I have experienced much worst, Mochi. I have posted this elsewhere but here we go.
I have canceled my subscription for another reason entirely. When it launched i paid for a month to test it out and then canceled it. When the first month was almost over, i decided to pay for 2 more months to get the skullcrusher maxed. So i did it, a few hours before the expiration of the first month. Got the debt from my credit card but have not gotten the renew on my flight club in time, causing it to reset to level 1.
Because of some kind of bug or transaction problem, i went 4 days without the flight club, the daily income and improved chests. Support took 2 days to look at my issue and after 3 e-mails that took almost a week, sending screenshots, receipt and all that stuff, they gave me 300 runes and said they could not do anything else, changing back my status to level 10, refund what i paid for or even giving me the proper compensation for losing 4 days of it for a problem that wasn’t even my fault (like i was supposed to know that i should have reinstalled my game for the subscription to be renewed).
After that, i could see the kind of support that they give to theyr players… so im not paying one more cent anytime soon. I will gladly change my statement if they resolve my issue accordingly, but for now i am very dissapointed with the game.


Hmm, you’re right about the fact that there’s not much difference between a level 7 alpha chest and a level 9-10. I think that instead of getting 4 star dragons out of a level 9-10, you should get 5 star dragons. That would balance it out to some degree. Or bring back runes and increase by a decent % the number of runes people get from those chests. Removing a 4 star dragon out of the level 7 chest would most likely kill a lot of clans. And instead of achieving what you want, once again it will backfire. The only reason I’m still playing this game right now instead of joining everyone else that is uninstalling is the fact that my current clan gets me level 7 and 8 alpha chests and that alone allowed me to get 4 star dragons that could make me advance in the game. If they took those away consider me and majority of the people that play 7 star alphas gone.


Something needs to be done about this. Bugs keep pilling up, duty chest take hell to complete (been able to complete only 2 since the original update was introduced) not to mention the rewards are absurd as was stated. Changed duty mission (to the worst) and the worst thing is we got release notes but this was nowhere to be seen. There should always be full list of things that will be added/changed/removed etc… The Flight Membership (once you had him at least once) is no longer nowhere near as interesting as it was before because of the Flight Chest difficulty and worse rewards… Not to mention these changes were introduced shortly after paying for next month of membership (if we knew about this before, lot of people would cancel). So first repair everything that is broken and been promised to be repaired for a while now, change chest rewards and duties to what they were before and then bring new update and when introducing new update let us know EVERYTHING that is going to be new or changed or removed. If we do not know what effect will the update have there does not need to be any information about upcoming update since it would mean nothing to us.