Jopa and future

Please tell me, will there be an increase in roster with the appearance of a new jopa hero or in the future?
With the increase in roster could have involved more heroes who lie forgotten and and not very necessary

Expansion of the roster is an interesting idea. Unfortunately, I anticipate roster expansion would be unfair to players who have collected the additional heroes. Unlike players who avoided the additional heroes, many such players have a number of heroes that are not adequately leveled for PvP. As an example, my roster is bereft of add-ons like Jarlaxle and Joppa. Expanding the roster would provide me with an undue advantage. My opponents would often be inundated with frail heroes while my party would not.

It would help me a little since I level my characters evenly and love variety but others are already unhappy with not being able to choose their favorite heroes. One thing I’d be in favor of is giving players the option of how many characters they choose from with a bonus for selecting more. Maybe lower the minimum to 6 so that you have a better chance of getting the ones you want but if I choose from 8 and you choose from 6 I automatically go first. I don’t know a totally fair way since not everyone has the same number to choose from so maybe it is about how many heroes are excluded instead of included. Just thinking out loud.

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