Joppa opinions?

So, I was bored and not spending money at restaurants, and broke down and got Joppa. Overall, i kind of like him. Decent abilities (he has an ‘auto kill’ combination with fortune and quivering palm). Some of his weapons are interesting, but overall are underwhelming. The few that give him multiple attacks (like a monk in D&D) reduce the damage a lot for just a few extra attacks. Even at lvl 10 his multi attack weapons (both commons) reduce damage to 75% when they do multiple attacks and don’t do as many as the dwarf. His best weapon for battle is probably the sharks tooth that has a chance to restore enemies on a hit.

I know they are trying to balance it, but i think they went a little overboard.

He has helped in a few battles, but is still a couple lvls below my party average, so isn’t up to full power yet.

Anyone else get him and not too embarrassed to give your experience/opinions?

His damage is definitely underwhelming but he has some interesting gear. It is a long way off but it looks like when maxed his Ioun Stone will Restore the entire team at the start of his turn which is pretty crazy in PvP. The Stun attack for 3 turns isn’t that hard to get to and his flurry of blows for 5, maybe 6 attacks at max is cool. I wanted to see more craziness in his movement to make him more like a DnD monk but all in all I do think they gave him so interesting flavor. Won’t compare in power to my other characters for awhile but I like him overall.

Yeah, I agree. Some interesting abilities that can help in a fight, but the lack of movement is strange. You’d think they would at least throw in an item that adds 1 movement. The dwarf has one…

The Ioun stone is definitely nice. I’ve got mine to a lvl below the ‘all allies in same zone’ point. And the auto kill is nice in battles when I can make it work (got lucky on one of his rooms and got the legendary item for quivering palm). And the debuff weapon is also nice, but damage is low.

The Obsidian Steed gives him the +1 movement but it is still the last choice of his trinkets. I was hoping for something game changing like move, attack, move to reflect the craziness of the monk’s mobility.

Right. I remembered the steed after I posted. move attack move would be good. It might make the steed worthwhile.

I got a ‘lucky’ draw from a renown pack and got joppa’s legendary weapon. 1 range, 125% damage, 25% to hit entire zone for 75% damage. It is on par with the mid level common weapon, but that one has a 50% chance to hit random targets in any zone, rather than just the zone. I understand the need to balance, etc. but a legendary item is supposed to be good, isn’t it? Is there an error in the weapon values somewhere? Is it supposed to be 2 zone range (like the epic ‘fishing pole’ weapon)?