Joppa’s Kill shot and Fortune

It’s not working. Fortune should proc Joppa’s kill shot. It isn’t.

Hmm. It did the last time last night.

It worked every time I used it last night, a few times. Whatever it was I guess it fixed itself.

Tbh, I think Fortune and kill shots are a bit OP, but I’ll leave that to the veterans. This new meta does have counters. Misfortune, Stun, Disarm, and Slow are several I can think of atm. Killing the character who can cast Fortune works nicely.

I think we’ll all be hearing about this again. These additional skills will necessitate changes to the ways we play the game. It’s refreshing, but I can’t help thinking that the player’s whose lv 16? 17? Naomlen I took out on the first turn of a game last night might have been a little surprised by my lv 12 Joppa. A few other players too :joy: . Gotta luv it!

There it is. The resist notification is now displaying when the Kill doesn’t happen with Fortune. Ok. Much better.

Kill is subject to heroic resistance even if it procs. Fortune means that the proc will happen, not that it won’t be resisted.

Yes. The resist notification doesn’t always show. The first time the skill failed, it failed 4 times in a row with no resist notification. I was really confused. That’s when I made the post. Then the resist started to show regularly. Then last night it didn’t, again. Looks like our pop ups suffer from RNG. :).

Anyway. What do you think of the skill on this character? Do you use it?

Nope. It uses everything on one hit which often fails. I like stealth/stun combo and rare spear.

Yeah. I use the rare spear also. Taking taunt off the tank is very helpful.