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@Keith your earlier post used the following phrases:

  • We are investigating what has happened and if it can be corrected.
  • We are discussing solutions

I understand this to be your current status and why there is nothing new to add to this topic at this time - i.e. the team is looking into it. If that is correct, I’ll continue to wait patiently. If this is not correct, please do let us know.

Thank you

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I await compensation. A big, fat, Joppa common pack and the amount of gold other people just got for logging into the game.

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Very likely I’m :rofl::rofl:

Jokes aside: guys Ludia doesn’t listen to “TOP” players, the players like us active on this forum who, probably, represent less then 5% (?).

I think Ludia makes (a lot of?) money with (hundreds of) lower lever players who spend real money to buy legendary pack and other crazy bundle to try to fast level their toons. Such players usually get bored pretty quickly and move to another game. That’s it.

The rest of us (expert and dedicated to the game) who complain on this forum, represents just a drop in the see for Ludia.

That’s the sad reality.

(Apologies for my English)


Except that top players influence guilds and when they leave, people start to question. Top players influence middle players, etc.


Still no communication from Ludia about how they are planning on compensating players who didn’t receive the Quest Pass Joppa pack.

I received a response via support - after the apology etc, “For now, I would like to recommend keeping an eye on our official forums and social media channels for the latest news and announcements regarding this issue.”

I take it to mean it’s not closed and is more likely to be dealt with as a userbase wide solution as opposed to on a one on one basis. I would be happy with that even though I recognise that for many of us with a maxed Joppa it does not help us individually.


I also got the cryptic “sorry, check the forums” reply from customer support.

There are two ways to fix this: The ellegant one is to give out the big pack to everyone who havent gotten it. The alternative is to convert it all to gold, at a 1 common=5gold ratio. That should amount to something like 350 000gold. Given that gold may be more valuable than commons, I would advice towards the first and most fair solution.


From the battle-event? I havent gotten that far yet.

Here we go again. Here below the pic from FB Community page of a player who collected Joppa via renown increase.
@Keith when we will be compensated?

Some communication from Ludia about what is being done to rectify this situation would be most welcome.

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As this is still going on I have to assume that ludia thinks giving free players these unbelievable packs is acceptable. Why do you treat your paying players so poorly?

What should I do with the new pikel event? Do I get him now or wait til he is given to me for nothing and receive a ridiculous pack for him?


There has been a lot of issues as of late but this one stands out the most to me and is the straw that broke the camels back. I am a high end player usually in top 20 of leaderboards and in a top end guild. I have been playing for coming up on a year now and the past 6 months is like they just gave up on this game. I am hanging my swords up for a few days to see if I miss the game at all but in its current state I am guessing no. I hope ludia can get things together and actually put some effort into fixing so many of the issues in this game to make it fun again but it seems to me like its just a side project for them they don’t plan on putting any manpower or resources into other than the bare minimum. The most glaring problem of all I see is how they treated this issue right here. They basically slapped their players that pay and their active players in the face and could have easily fixed the situation but instead have just stood by and offered nothing to anyone and have gone silent on the issue. That is inexcusable to me.


@Keith Can we please have some conformation if there will be compensation for this or if giving out ridiculous common packs with free characters in quest pass or renown rewards is now the standard. I am close to getting Pikel in the TOM and i would like to know if I should just not get him and wait till I receive him for nothing in the quest pass and recieve 140k gold and 50000 commons

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Here we go…this is the reward for 60 wins in ToM



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@Fizbanius I am sorely tempted to wait till Pikel is given away for free as a quest reward - 40k commons!


Hello Fradam

As stated above, the number of items & gold in the Joppa pack was an error. While there will be a chance to get Pikel in the future, I do not believe the team will make the same pack error in the future.

It is up to you if you want to test your mettle and recruit Pikel now. Allowing you to get a head start on adventuring, leveling, and PVPing with him. I for one am trying to get him now, If you are in arena 6 around 1800 trophies our paths may cross.

@Keith does this mean we will not be compensated for this huge evident mistake?

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Hello Fizbanius,
If I had new news about whether you would be compensated or not. I would mention it here first as promised. As it stands I do not have any information that I have not already shared on the subject.

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If this was an error why is it still happening? Why are people who ARENT PAYING still getting this insane reward as a renown prize and PAYING players missing out? Why are you avoiding the issue? It shouldnt take 2 weeks to get a yes or no answer on compensation

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I intentionally won’t be unlocking Pikel during this ToM, which honestly as a completionist who still enjoys this game - is extremely painful for me to say. 60 brutal pvp wins for frankly nothing but a new hero who will sit on the pvp bench indefinitely - while simultaneously contaminating my already diluted legendary pool. This will leave my original heroes in even worse shape for trying to get nice random legendaries, that would be my reward.

Having unfortunately already spent the time to unlock Jarlaxle and Joppa in prior ToM’s, getting Pikel will make any traditional ToM’s where the prize is one random legendary - virtually useless. Like rolling a d100 and hoping for a 95-100 for one of the few usable legendaries out there.

No, I’ll just wait. And while I’m sure there won’t be another 140k gold and 50k common item equipment bug like with Joppa, doing virtually nothing to unlock Pikel vs. 60 infuriating pvp matches will be reward enough.

Also no - the rewards along the path to 60 wins doesn’t make it more palatable. 10x rare items at 40 wins. 700 gold at 45. 1 epic at 55 wins…haha. seriously, 1 epic card. No thanks!