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I want to make it clear that I didn’t have Joppa and I got him and his equipment pack through quest pass. It wasn’t at the level some of the people got. But it was good.

What’s fair would have been to make a pack available to everyone who completed the pass. No Joppa? Here, have him and some gear to get him going. Have Joppa already? Here have some gear to make him even more powerful. Have maxed out gear already? Sell it or donate it for more gold.

I therefore am not looking for compensation for this particular issue. Actually I just read some of it for the first time yesterday.

I’m genuinely frustrated by a lot of other things and have already decreased my stars rating and adjusted the text for this game and Ludia on App Store. Was suggesting the same to others for this problem so that they can move on.


I hear everything you guys are saying, but at the end of the day Ludia is going to move forward with whatever decision they’ve already made. Maybe in a week or 2 there will be a slight few items for Joppa to the playerbase as a whole, or maybe there will be nothing at all. But the entire playerbase isn’t going to receive 120k gold and 50k items - or anything even close to that, due to a really bad coding mistake that a Ludia developer made.

With regard to a surge, no I don’t anticipate a huge influx here, but there are a few things that they could change that would keep the loyal playerbase intact, and likely bring back quite a few. If Ludia could do nothing more than these 3 things then it would be huge: 1) Squash some of the more egregious bugs, 2) Add replay-ability to the “Explore mode” but at a much higher difficulty level to satisfy the PvE’ers, and 3) Modify PvP again to tighten up the mismatches, and slightly reduce the difficulty of extremely high level bots, which would be throwing a bone to the PvP’ers.

Again I’m not looking for a surge, I’m just looking for the app to stay alive. With reduced development and server capacity, yes I’m sure the costs have decreased to keep it running - I just hope they keep it going for the sake of the community that still does enjoy it by and large.

The best part about the folks that play this game, is the majority aren’t children that will just move on to the next hot game the second they get bored or are wronged - and never care to look back. Many of us DnD folks are 80’s/90’s babies, and are established and competent enough to voice our concerns and solid suggestions.


@DungeonBorn you make some good points, I’ve not got Joppa and currently have no interest in gaining Joppa as I still need to develop my other characters first and don’t think there would be any room for him in my PvP or PvE roster, so not looking for any compensation as such.

My main gripe is the sheer indifference Ludia and the game’s Dev team are having to such a massive issue in game that has annoyed a significant number of people. It might be the case that a small majority of noisy individuals are complaining on here, but I can assure you there is also massive discontent on the unofficial Facebook group and also within guilds and on Discord servers and now it seems is spilling out into negative reviews for the games on the app stores.

The reason only so few of us are posting so fervently about this issue on the official forums is because of the level of cunning and dexterity required to actually post a complaint on this forum without it being hidden or receiving a temporary ban. Those of us versed with this ability have been moderated several times and had the rules explained to us and also received temporary time outs from posting so have learned the hard way.

This is a barrier to the average occasional or new user who wants to post a complaint only to have their post hidden for the mildest of frustrated language. There are those on Facebook who won’t post on here for that exact reason.

Now if Ludia have made a decision on the issue, why don’t they share this with the community? Perhaps if they gave a hard no about nobody receiving compensation several weeks ago then people would have griped and perhaps one or two would have stuck to their guns and quit, but the majority would have gotten over it in a day or two and it would have been nipped in the bud.

However, as a direct result of this inaction and not stating either way what is going to happen with the issue and avoiding repeated requests for updates both on here and via the raised support issues they have allowed the issue to snowball into the juggernaut it has become today. So much so that someone has even suggested legal action, which as you correctly state would harm the game that a number of people do enjoy playing.

I just think it’s not even about this issue in particular, the issues have compounded and this one sticks out like a sore thumb and is easiest for people to attach their discontent to.

I like yourself want this game to have changes that keep the local playerbase intact, which is why I’m pressing the Joppa issue as IMO it’s one of the issues that needs urgently dealing with 1 way or another so that less aggravation is coming down upon the game.

In terms of your 3 suggestions:

  1. squashing the bugs - yes I don’t get why they are so slow to do this. Also I’ve suggested that loyal users (forum gripers and hardcore D&D enthusiasts) would be more than happy to beta test new features of the game for free where we could give honest feedback and so that in game bugs are eliminated and in gameplay changes are tested and tweaked before the release hits the general population thus avoiding this whole mess every time an update comes out.

  2. Add replay to explore mode - myself and others have requested this SEVERAL times going back months - only to be told that our feedback would be passed to the Devs and then we hear nothing more about it.

  3. Yes the PvP is severely broken, such as the bots and the mismatches but some people suspect that this is intentional to enforce the spending of real cash on gems to compete and complete event mode PvP. So whether they’d be willing to fix this and affect a revenue stream I do not know. Also on the subject of PvP we’ve been promised guild PvP for months and no sign, where is it?

Apologies for the lengthy rant and reply but this is the honest feedback I want to give to Ludia and people like yourself wondering why this issue has got to where it has today.

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Some of you may remember the controversy around the star wars battlefront loot boxes that got some media attention

In my opinion ludias business practises are far more crooked. Perhaps a media outlet might like to run a story on ludias behaviour?


All of this talk just makes me miss the days of spending 50 bucks and having a full game where you dont have to worry about if the developer stops support or not.


I don’t even mind a new model where I pay a reasonable monthly fee. There’s a convenience factor to have a decent phone-based game that is simple and fast to waste time when you’re otherwise just waiting around.

WoW met that criteria and I was willing to pay the VIP subscription. It’s the lack of addressing issues like this, lack of new content, and the clear measures put it place to slow the game down that changed that. It would be great to be surprised (not holding breath) to see things like this addressed and Black Dragon released, but it seems more like the approach is to reduce costs and slow-roll the game in order to sustain revenue with newer players as long as possible.

@CluckingCyclist I think think this game has a cap because of its tie in to DND. Levels are capped at 20 for example. DnD has caps on weapons, but I don’t know how that translates here.

For me the fun is in the journey. As different weapons grant more power, I change my setups and find new strategies. Some of the best fun I have had has been to throw weird mixes of my characters into my roster. I could give a squat about trophies. I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere. Hurry for what? To get where? But then, that’s the new wave isn’t it? Buy more packs of cards. Get better cards. Commercialism. Then again, I’m a chess and gin player. There never are better pieces, more pieces, or better cards. We play the hand we are dealt.

@CluckingCyclist, you have hit the nail on the head. They way they are crippling progress for newer players satisfies no one. New players rarely remain active leaving the leagues devoid of active players. This is another prime example of the ongoing mismanagement we have observed over the past couple of years.

Regardless of how many times such concerns are raised, the folk at Ludia remain unable to interpret and understand players sentiments, Every alteration made is baffling and the folly is reflected in the ever evaporating player base. There are simply better products available. In most of these other cases the developer tries to make their products suitable to player needs and desires. Here instead, players are constantly frustrated by inane decisions which continually result in inept features and failed changes.

And now another new character! See how many people pay for this one after this Joppa nonsense

Hi everyone,

The team has made an announcement on this issue that can be read here.

Thank you all for your patience regarding the quest pass 21 Joppa issue.



How about the many users that got the item pack for Joppa last month, but not the gold? Will they be receiving any compensation? The other thread is not clear on this point?

I am not sure what issue are you talking about.

Are you asking for those who received the quest pass Joppa, which was bugged to give items based on level and not the common pack that they should receive compensation for getting more that what was originally intended.

Or is there a separate issue where someone quest pass Joppa pack had no gold in it at all. For those who had no gold they can write to support and it can be investigated.

Or is it those who had the Warriors List and were suppose to receive gold at the reset of the league didn’t receive or claim the mail before it expired that was sent out with the league change. They can also go through support.

This was a separate issue. Some players who got the Joppa pack did not get any gold with it. Thus, some have stockpiles of common Joppa items they cannot afford to upgrade.

Perhaps if support carefully read tickets before denying them they would be aware of all active issues.

Lol got 3 free packs for Joppa: one common, one rare and one epic (with all epics already capped) and 3k-ish gold total…nice compensation Ludia :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:, really fair

They shouldn’t exacerbate the problem and completely destroy the Joppa economy by giving every single account 120K gold and 50K items. Is that what you think should happen?

The fact that they thought it over and gave folks anything at all is a good thing. It sucks that it happened to begin with, and they’ve owned the mistake. It was a “scaled” error, meaning the generally smaller and weaker accounts are the ones that got the insane amount of items/gold (to make Joppa usable once obtained), and as the accounts were stronger, those reward errors decreased in scale.

I’m happy with the outcome, and that they didn’t complete ignore the issue and simply move on. Thanks Keith.

As I am among the players that received the bonus package last month, I am pleased to know some believe I have a “smaller and weaker account”. :wink:

This large package granted to players last month was not done in error. This was a terrible decision. It utterly devalued those purchases made by Joppa’s early adopters.

I have astutely avoided wasting money on Ludia offerings. Beta players have seen these similar scams recur - again and again. Astute players quickly realized there is little benefit in purchasing additional heroes or wasting resources on rigged events.

My opinion is Ludia were the ones who decided to give many players, myself included, the extensive package. This was completely unfair to early adopters who paid more for Joppa yet received far less. Obviously the large reward should have been given to all players. There was never any practical reason to restrict the reward. Those like me who received the big bonus package did nothing to earn it.

It was Ludia who chose to manipulate the economy, and players are now simply demanding their just rewards. It was a strategically poor decision, compounded with this delayed and unsatisfactory compensation package. Ludia is now dealing with its consequences.

Ludia’s recent failures will continue until they develop the capacity to respect their customers and treat them fairly.

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Moving along…

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