Joppa's Common Fortune Item broken?

The fortune item is supposed to last 3 turns with a cool down of 5. It then has in parenthesis (Max 1) which almost seems like “Hey, you can’t use Cori’s ready all abilities on Joppa’s fortune every turn, it has to have at least one turn cool down before the all abilities is reset.”

Yet it seems that the (Max 1) actually is the max number of times that Joppa has fortune. After using it once, it goes away from his statuses. I’m not sure what 3 turns is, I can skip turn twice and i’ll still be able to use it once on the 3rd turn? lol

It seems broken. Maybe that’s totally the way it is supposed to work. “Wait three turns to use fortune one time.” cool

As the Fortune effect description says, your “next random ability automatically succeeds”. Fortune only makes one ability succeed, then it goes away.

Even Cori’s fortune is single use. It originally wasn’t, but it was very overpowered. The effect lasts 3 rounds or until you use it, whichever comes first.

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