Journey To 2 Level 20 Sanctuaries & 10/10 Missions

Goal Complete: Achieving 2 Level 20 Sanctuaries & 10/10 Alliance Missions!

Here’s How you can do it too!

A few weeks ago, early to mid-January, I decided, “Enough is enough!” I’m tired of these junky levels 1-6 maybe get a once in while level 8 sanctuaries. I’m tired of not being able to communicate with my team. I’m tired of falling short of what we can achieve!

I decided I was going to create a Discord server to better communication strategy with my alliance and improve our sanctuaries and alliance missions. Little did I know, this was going to be way better than expected, tenfold! A whole new world opened up for my team and I. It wasn’t all easy, I’m not going to lie.

Let’s start at the beginning. When Sanctuaries were introduced, I saw a thread on Ludia Forum by DinoL3o. This guy had the whole thing figured out from the jump! I took notes, and I tried to explain it to my team. This was very difficult because the JWA game chat sucks! I made a group chat on Ludia Forum inbox messaging, it didn’t work so well either. I finally decided it’s time to obtain a Discord server.

Discord was brand new to me, but I have come a long way in a short amount of time. I’m very pleased with what I have created and even more what I have accomplished using it. It’s easy to organize, which makes strategizing easier.

Next, I started to spam my Alliance chat in the game. I got as many of my team on the Discord as I could. I did this for at least 2 weeks. I’m sure my team hated me. Once they joined, they knew what was expected of them and what the goals were. There was zero tolerance for insubordination. I put my team through the wringer, but overall most of my team was on board already.

I spoke with a few people who were already on the same page as me. We were going to stop making our own personal sanctuaries, and we were going to vote for our top dinos and add them to the sanctuary. We would have 2 Team Sancs, and that’s it. Nobody would make their own, all items would be used on these 2. Whoever had the highest dinos would put them in.

As expected, some people wanted to do their own thing. Not just average players, but some of my top contributors! Some of my Bloodthirsty members who really helped in Defense! I gave them warnings, I reached out to the best of my ability. I finally had to let them go. I kicked these guys that were like family and hardcore players, it sucked!

Once you have a vision, you have to follow through with that vision. I had one member who had a bite back, though, with data. I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do anymore. I reached out to a friend of mine on the forum to come to speak to my team about the benefits of having limited high-level sanctuaries as opposed to numerous. I tried using what I had read from DinoL3o, but I didn’t understand it all, nor did I know first hand.

My friend told me, “You need to join The ARK,” and he introduced me to DinoL3o. This is where it got REAL! Now I was working with the player who created the blueprints and the source of all my gathered and known information. DinoL3o told me to use The ARK (Alliance Recruiting Korner). He told me, “I will make your team 10/10 on Alliance Missions, and I will get you 2 level 20 Sanctuaries.”

This sounded too good to be true. I told my team, they were on board. The ones who weren’t on board I had to kick. Friend, top contributor, top battler, it didn’t matter. If they weren’t on board, then they weren’t with us.

DinoL3o came to my Discord and laid the plan out to my team that was still with me. I had gone from a full team of 50 down to around 33 or so. However, the low number of players from what I had were SOLID players. Next, I went to the ARK.

I made a simple recruiting post on there of what I was looking for and what we could achieve. With the help of my new found friends, players were coming left and right at me. I had my team built back up in no time. These people that filled my void came to the team already knowing expectations. They signed up and have been great!

With my team as well as others from the ARK & DinoL3o’s armada of NUMEROUS Alliances working together, we achieved 2 level 20 sanctuaries in just a matter of days! It was my team’s first attempt at this as well as a handful of the other teams in this congregation. Now our goal is even higher, a level 20 sanctuary in 24 hours and 2 level 20 sanctuaries in 3 days!

My team is now solid and full thanks to DinoL3o, his team, and the ARK. For the first time EVER, my alliance achieved 10/10 this week, and we’ve been reaping the benefits of 2 level 20 sanctuaries this 2 week rotation.

If you want to be apart of our building foundation come join us on at the ARK and find the team for you! We have numerous teams looking to rebuild and grow to their expectations. We need daily players who enjoy both battling or exploration. Everyone fits in somewhere!

Whether you are bringing yourself, a friend, a few friends, or even want to bring your whole alliance to jump on board, come talk to us and meet us on the ARK!

Our Multi-Alliance Family is growing by the day and will only be stronger. Your support is welcomed, and we would love to meet more like-minded, dedicated players. Come see us and reap these benefits!

Check out these pics of what we do and how we do it. We are very well organized with simple picture charts and spreadsheets.

Always end with a quote. This one comes from my favorite rapper, 2Pac!

“If you believe, then you can achieve, just look at me!”

JOIN US ON THE ARK (Alliance Recruiting Korner)


I always wondered what I should do with my Alliance. They seem to be ok with getting rank 5 or 6 on the Alliance Rewards. And we usually only get level 7 Sanctuaries. I always considered it to be a chill and laid back Alliance. I kind of want to earn more DNA from the Rewards, and have higher level Sancs, but I made this Alliance when I rejoined the game not knowing fully what Alliances were, so now I feel like I have to continue with it


Glad to have you back in JWA Sean. Many alliances are now merging and co-leading to help their team grow and gain access to level 20 sanctuaries. The caveat is that one alliance must give up the leadership and name. Also, ensuring that all members make it into the new alliance can be a bit of a task. However, when done correctly, both teams can learn to work in unison towards the same goals with great success. The key is finding the right alliance to merge with and being able to look beyond an alliance name. ARK on Discord and Jurassic World Alliances on Facebook can help with mergers.

Im looking to join an alliance like this for some time now. I was inherited an alliance from the creator and well sanctuary wise everyone is doing whatever. Alliance missions were consistent 7-8 level. So if there is room for an alliance like this, id be interested to join if there are any openings. Player level 20 currently ranked in the top 500 fyi.

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Definitely join us on ARK to find an alliance like Timmy What Is it. Looking forward to seeing you there Dyldorz.


@Sean_Sperry if you’re the leader, you make the rules and you set the standards. I had my alliance as a daily grinding alliance but then I shifted and set the bar higher. The ones who wanted to stay and be apart of something great did. The ones who didn’t want to left or I kicked. It was a rough few weeks but look what I’ve accomplished. The ARK let me find the players I needed for 10/10 and helped me meet like minded alliances for the 2 level 20 sanctuaries. Come check us out!

@Dyldorz for sure! My team is currently full but we have other alliances looking for players just like you! Come join us on the ARK and let’s get you a home.


I’m thinking that I’ll have to do it for the added bonus of being able to do better. But I’m not sure how I’m going to communicate this to my Alliance? I can tell them, but if they need to join a Discord server, I’m not sure how they can.

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I spammed my alliance game chat. Sometimes I posted the same message as many times as it would let me lol!

But spam game chat and tell them to create discord and add you as a friend. Then you can add them to your server and go over team goals. First know what you want to do with your team of course.

Or come join us on ARK. Or after you get your team on the same page bring your whole alliance and be apart of the co op sanctuaries with us.

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I’ll talk to them about it. But not very many even use the chat, so I’m not sure if any will even take my offer

That’s the tough part. I had to kick a lot of top contributors because I couldn’t communicate with them.

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I gave them an Ultimatum pretty much. I told them what we could have if we did join Discord and get better, or I can pass leadership and join a different Alliance

Good for you. Now if you want to stay the leader of your alliance. You have to give them a chance. Especially if they’ve been with you a while. I spammed game chat at least 2 weeks or longer. I brought who I could over to discord.

Then when it came down to the final 5 or so, I had my whole team vote about kicking them or keeping them. We gave them the benefit of the doubt. Once they created other sancs or leveled them up. I booted.

That’s when the ARK came into play. With the ARK you can interview people interested or at least give them your rules and expectations before they even join your game.

If you do decide you don’t want all the hassle you could come join one of the teams in our multi alliance family. Some are still looking for daily players and some are looking to replace players. The more like minded people we have, the stronger our alliances will grow.

Or you could bring the members who are willing to work with you and come join the ARK kicking the ones who don’t want to better your alliance. There you could join our family and build your team up. You could even merge your team with one of ours possibly. Depending on numbers of course.

1- stay leader and drive your goals and bring your team to your standards.
2 - leave your team and join one of our alliances on the ARK.
3 - gather your like minded members and join the ARK for a new alliance merging together.
4 - clean your alliance of insubordination and bring your remaining team to the ARK to rebuild and be a part of one of our co op families.

Just some thoughts.


Sounds good, I think I’ll eventually have to leave my Alliance, since it doesn’t seem like they want to be the best of the best, they’re mostly casual.

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Well good sir maybe I will see you on the ARK soon. If you decide to come make sure you bring anyone else who isn’t just casual with you. We are always looking for people who love to do battles.

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Just went on ARK and got into a strong 2 lvl 20 sanc with lots of other people who play the game like I do. This is great for anyone who needs an alliance


Awesome glad you made it.

Hi! So I found out that a few of members so far wish to go the Discord route and get serious about the game. So I’m wondering what the next step should be. If you could help out by saying whether I should purge all the members who are unresponsive and bring my Alliance of a few people who are left, or something else all together.

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Phil! I’ve been looking for a post like this as my Alliance is in the process of trying to streamline sanctuaries. Thanks for sharing!

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Just sharing when what our upcoming sanctuary will look like. @Sean_Sperry and @AnimatedVader

Any players looking to be part of this please join us on ARK.


I’m part of Phil’s team since the early (very early) beginnings and I can testify every single word he put in here. For me as a user and member of an alliance the biggest change was when an external chat server came into play. It is then when you can really strategize.
Discord is an excellent way to create a communication channel between all members in the alliance. If you see the “Castle” Phil has built in discord… Man it is second to none!
Other success factors is to have followers, people that back you up in your ideas, members that you know will be there to run the experiment with you and will be resilient.
Long life to Timmy’s!