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Journeys and rewards

Sometimes one or more of the journey rewards are resources such as fish or wood. It’s a spin of the wheel to see just what your reward will be. Due to the random nature of that wheel spin, would it make sense that when those resources exceed your storage, that those resources be sent to your mail?

:thinking: Thank you for that suggestion, TySmith.


I agree, so annoying when this happens and it all gets lost. Same should apply to brawl rewards.

IIRC, you can close the prize dialog after you know what the prize is, but before collecting it. Then you can go spend wood/fish until you have enough storage for the prize. (Same with exploration bags, BTW.)

As for brawl rewards, meh, they are peanuts; in the time spent fighting the brawl, your dragons have collected much more than the reward, anyway. (At least if you are using decent collectors…)

Yup, closing the dialog box is my go to work around for making sure I get resources from journeys. I just think that rewards in excess of your storage capacity should consistently go into or mail not.