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JP:Chaos effect!

can add hybrids of Jurassic park Chaos effect?

Don’t know why you’d want them, those were the worst-selling JP toys ever. I think Dr. Wu would probably even think twice about creating franken-beasts like those…


Dr.Wu is not here, so what can be worse?

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Chaos effect. It’s SO much worse.

No, it’s not

( )

imagine this fight in the game

Trust me, it is. If the toy line failed, then it was really bad. I’ve seen those abominations, and they were some of the crappiest designs ever, and the shoddiest sculpting jobs in the entire history of JP toys.

Those things were on shelves forever here, because no one wanted them.

So yeah. They were bad.

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it means that the toys have failed

just because it failed once does not mean it will fail again

Yes. Yes it does. Sorry. Try to come up with an actual original idea, rather than suggesting the recycling of horrible designs that might actually cause people to leave the game. And before you say to the contrary… yes they would. You’re probably just a little kid anyway, so I don’t expect you to understand how the grown-up business world does things. If it didn’t make money because the toys looked like they had been designed by a 5 year old tweaker, then nothing in heaven or hell would make them try to add it into the game.


And if it means that by adding them, Ludia might lose players, and money… Well, it doesn’t look like your precious toy fails have a chance.

Leave the hybrid design to Ludia.

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that’s not what they said for me when pterosaurs were addedthat’s not what they said when pterosaurs were added

I never really heard of this toy line… and most of
L these designs are terrible… but i wonder if Ludia werent inspired by the ankyloranodon and dilophospinus. Cause those guys look kinda similar to stuff we have in game.

Inspiration isn’t exactly the same thing as an outright copy. Which is apparently what the op is asking for. The fact that you haven’t heard of the toy line is further proof of its total failure. The op just needs to grow up, get their head out of the clouds, and make sense. Right now, the op seems to have no sense at all.

There was also a planned tie-in cartoon series for JP, but with the failure of the chaos effect toys and dwindling interest at the time, this idea was canned permanently. It would have really dumbed the series down.

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I just wanted ultimasaurus to make a little reference in the game

You can wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which one fills up first, then. Because it won’t happen.

but yeah, it was a complete failure and nobody knows then cancel it

They did. Back in the middle 90s. It’s long dead.


my idea was to add a flooded mode for all audiences who do not have access to large volumes of water to catch aquatic or even Cenozoic dinosaurs