JP/JPTLW toys that were really hard to find


Found these Jurassic Park/JP The Lost World toys online, and had to share. Either these were only in the novels, or they were originally intended for the films, but never made it in. A couple of them were just really hard to find in stores when they were released.

Baryonyx (electronic sounds)

Carnotaurus “Demon” with longer than real-life ACTION LIMBS!! I could never find this one in stores.



Dimetrodon, which I can’t remember from the book, it might have been a species intended for the movie, but ended up getting cut.

Lycaenops - an early Triassic therapsid.

Parasaurolophus. I could never find this one in stores, even though it was on the packaging of other JP dinos.

Pteranodon, with articulated flap-flaps!

Quetzalcoatlus, with action muzzle and blinders!

Tanystropheus, the long-necked fishing reptile

Young T-Rex, with Battle Damage

So these are the rarest of JP toys. Some, like the Coelophysis, were basically latex molded over a wire frame, so they could be bent into poses. Others like the Big Rex and the Young rex were a plastic armature with a latex rubber or silicone “skin”. But they did represent the most realistic depictions of dinos from 1993-1997.

My first dinosaur books and other junk

There were some nice ones I bought my kids when JP 3 launched that included electronic sounds and showed battle scarring. If I find pics I’ll post them here.



I had that young Rex with the battle damage. I wish I knew whatever happened to it.


I had all but a couple of those as a kid. I had so many JP toys growing up, I remember playing with them so much. They’re still stored in a chest somewhere, but probably not in the best condition.


My little brother had the HUGE playset of the park. That one was expensive and extremely hard to find.


Some of these, especially both of the Carnotaurs - “Demon” and “Bonebreaker” - sold out pretty much as soon as they hit toy store shelves. You had to be quick to actually find them.