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JP3 20 Year Reunion Battle

I thought it was funny to see my Spino come up against a T. rex on the 20th anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park 3 (in my country anyway)

Only took 2 decades, but the rex finally got revenge!


I thought a battle between Spino and T-Rex in the game always ended up in a draw


This wasn’t JP3 rematch because this T- Rex is from Isla Nublar,the island where the events of JP1 and JW1 and 2 took place and the events of JP3 took place in Isla Sorna. So this wasn’t a rematch. Thanks for reading.

It’s a joke. Thanks for reading.


It was a joke ? Okay got it. Thanks for reading.

Wow, way to suck the fun out of a light-hearted thread with needless pedantry.

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Not when the rex is speed boosted and can one shot the Spino.
(I think my Spino may have been wounded from the previous encounter as well)

Niiccceee finally ( happy rexy noises)

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the rightful king reclaims the crown :t_rex: :crown: