July CoT poll

All 3 create a tourney hybrid, except Kapro Gen2 because her’s isn’t released yet.

So idk who to vote for :woman_shrugging:


I voted for the rhino. Kapro2 i have already unlocked. And there are many other carnis out there.
Lets see what the majority votes for.


Probs gonna go for Kapro, since my friend told me that they saw somewhere that Kapro2 is getting a hybrid… already have scorp, and Rhino, well, I’m not sure that the hybrid is even gotten buffed

Which one do you Wish vote?

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I have all 3 unlocked, I’m so hoping for something more juicy next time, like wooly mammoth, kelenken or gorgosaurus.

None because i am park level 58

I have all 3 unlocked, and voted Kapro gen 2 purely because I’m in the middle of making a 2nd L40 and would like a free copy.

But my money’s on Deinonychus winning, the bulk of the JWTG players always seem to prefer the carnivores.


And then the fact that it feeds into Scorp

Its not an indominus, but its in the kids show… and usually kids like stuff in their show


I want the Rhino. Of the three I have Kapro 2 unlocked.

My money is on Deinonychus.


Correct, between her and Tupandactylus.


Deinonychus. Don’t have that one unlocked yet. Ill be voting for it

I voted for kaprosuchus g2 because goob croc

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Vote for rhino.I am a lot behind in Cenozoic creatures.

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Voted kapro. Only one I don’t have unlocked