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June 2020 Clash of Titans Survey

There is a new poll in the in-game mailbox for the June 2020 Clash of Titans creature. I voted Eryops. I have all three unlocked, but my son has missed both tournaments since we’ve been playing.

Megalosaurus most recently had a tournament the week of 1/13/20. Einiosaurus most recently had a tournament the week of 11/11/19. Eryops most recently had a tournament the week of 10/14/19. Megalosaurus was featured in the November 2018 Clash of Titans. The other two creatures have not been so featured.

You also get 250 units of DNA for participation in the survey.


I voted Eroys.

None are glass canons, so a Amphibian meat shield was the most interesting to me.

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I voted for Megalosaurus because…I wanted the DNA reward…shame on me.:pensive:


I voted Megalosaurus too. I don’t have any of them (so don’t really mind which one wins) but chose the carnivore because it has a hybrid.

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I did the same vote as you @Tommi, different reason.

I need Megalosaurus for the Pachy hybrid.


I’m certain that line of thought, plus a general carnivore bias will help Megalosaurus carry the day.


If Megalosaurus wins, Pachy will probably be my first tournament Dino. I think Pachyrhino was my first Dominator victory too.

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Well I haven’t got Einio or Eryops unlocked but I went for Eryops

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@Tommi I share the shame. :expressionless:

I voted Mega aswell but have all three. Just hoping a Metriacanthosaurus unlock is in my near future.

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Same here… I’ve got all of them maxed out so the reward is what drives my vote. Same concept for all of these polls.

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