Junior Tournament

Since Ludia has canceled tournaments for new players, I feel that there should be a junior tournament.These tournaments will only be available to players in the first 4 arenas. Once a player enters the fifth arena, it should no longer be available, so that they can not abuse it. A player level cap should also be in place.

I feel that this is not only a very big part of the game, but actually the most enjoyable part. This because you get to use other dinos in a competitive format that you would otherwise not use in the regular arena.

For this reason, I feel bad for the new players that are missing out on it. Sure enough, they can play friendly battles, but tournaments are a fun challenge!


I’ve been thinking of the same thing actually. It would surely help new players out and prepare them for the higher tournaments they would eventually face. I wish this would be official in the next update lol

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