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Jurasic Puffin - seeking active players

There are several fewer players, who were not contributing. Then we have a bunch of crazy, dedicated members who talk, collaborate on missions, and spend crazy hours darting.
We’re ranking up so well, but with a bunch more who are dedicated, we can smash this!
Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

I was active and contributing and you booted me 1 day before the end of the challenge. Please take me back

Everyone says they were active and contributing after getting booted. Don’t know about your specific case. But alliance leaders who boot low to no contributing people who only ask for the best dna but don’t contribute anything to the missions should be notifying other alliance leaders when they see these people claiming to be active so another alliance doesn’t get stuck with them.

You didn’t join the Discord - which was a specific requirement of membership. We accepted you back, but you are still not on the Discord.
It’s frustrating.
We had 2 half decent players leave recently because we weren’t willing to support casual players. They were friends, and it turned out one of them was running an alt account (virtually inactive), that we kicked out.
We are incredibly active. We need players to join the Discord. Can you do that please?