Jurassic Alive small idea/Suggestions

  1. Name Dinosaurs
  2. Pet Dinosaurs
  3. Trading
  4. Community day like Pokémon Go except there is a chance to find a Epic or Legendary Dinosaur
  5. Friends like to accept friends or a buddy system
    6 Quests to get rare and Epic Dinosaurs or special items
  6. special arenas like in Jurassic World the game
  7. boss battle Arena
  8. tracker: you can normally see what dinosaurs are near by but when you walk some will spawn in randomly and surprise you that’s find but feel like we should have a tracker that shows us what’s near by or possibly by.
  9. maybe Eggs at supply drops that hatch into dinosaurs like in Pokémon go you must walk a certain number of kilometers or miles but it would be cool to hatch a random dinosaur.
  10. the drone is a little hard to control while you’re trying to aim it moves either too fast or if you’re trying to shoot it moves way too slow and you miss multiple times as the battery drains quickly unless you’re a Vip it lasts a little longer but still the drone is hard to control maybe make it a little easier.
  11. Regional Dinosaurs this would go with trading if you could do global friend requests or based off Facebook or they rotate or migrate so every one has a chance to get a Regional exclusive Dino.


Great, but i feel like most of those would make the game like a pokémon go ripoff… i like them but it isn’t pokémo’ go i feel like


Special arena’s and boss battles would be awesome though!


I would like to add to this a bit :3

  1. A day and night cycle in game that would affect the rate at which certain dinos spawned
    (So Raptors more common at night then therapods)
  2. Factions maybe would be interesting to factions u could join and compete against and have fights with